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Integrity, hard work, honesty cited by DPS Commissioner as core values for promotion

“You call in sick majority of your working days, always taking holiday leave and you expect to be promoted to a Captain or a Sergeant rank?” That was the message from Department of Public Safety Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean to police officers who complained to Samoa News about the latest promotion at DPS.

The Commissioner was speaking at an awards ceremony held at the central police station on Tuesday.

As Samoa News reported, thirty-two police officers and eight fire fighters received promotions last week, and they were announced in the Commissioner’s General Memorandum dated June 28, 2012.

The Commissioner said the police officers who were promoted well deserved their promotions.

“A  promotion comes from integrity, hard work and honesty — these are core values that a police officer must sustain in order to get a promotion” he said.

Tuaolo made it clear the promotions at DPS were not based on “who you know or who you’re related to, they were “ based on your daily performance as a sworn police officer.”

The Commissioner said he was saddened by the police officers who did not get promoted and turned to the media to complain.

He reiterated that police officers who were promoted earned it.

“You reap what you sew, if you (police officers) come to work on time, don’t call in sick when you’re not sick, your honest hard work will not go unnoticed,” said Tuaolo.

Several police officers who wished not to be named had contacted Samoa News saying it came as a surprise to them that Lt Aiono and Sgt Penitusi were promoted, given they have been convicted as criminals.

The two police officers in question were both convicted of misdemeanors, Lt Aiono served four weekends in jail while Sgt Penitusi did not serve any jail time.

Other complaints were about the police officers who were assigned to be chauffeurs to the Commissioner, the Governor and First Lady and yet they were promoted, said the police officers. 

(Samoa News notes the complaining police officersdid not receive promotions.)

Tuaolo said at this moment what’s important to the Department of Public Safety is that police officer carry out their daily duties with honesty, given they are sworn to protect and serve the territory with honesty.

“We (police officers) are here to serve the community with integrity and honesty enriching the quality of life through the delivery of professional police services.

“Our duty is to serve the territory with a strong commitment to solving criminal cases, protecting life and property, issuing citations, and enforcing the law.

“Currently what the government needs are hard working and honest people.”

The DPS quarterly award ceremony was held at the central police station on Tuesday, recognizing three police officers from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and Traffic Division.

Officers of the (April, May and June) second quarter are Detective Gaui Seanoa and Detective Lieutenant Siliaivao Sea with the CID and police officer II Mareko Fale who was just promoted last week with Traffic Division.

Det. Lt Sea also received the award for “Dedicated Detective of the Year” for 2011.

Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli, said the purpose of these award ceremonies are not only to recognize their hard work but also to thank them for their service to the community.

Commander Lavata’i Ta’ase Sagapolutele said 12 detectives with CID worked on 160 criminal cases for this second quarter and their hard work is noted down for each case by himself and Lt Aiono, who’s second in command at CID.

The Commander said the police officer must attain certain aspects in order to be a recipient, such as job performance, officer with most cases that are prosecuted, officer who attains the most arrest warrants, summons, and search warrants; daily work attendance, professional attire and most importantly, the officer who carries out his or her duty with honesty.

Police Commissioner Tuaolo congratulated the police officers and noted that since he became head of DPS he has instructed each and every division under DPS to hold award ceremonies to recognize their hard working police officers.

“However only the Traffic Division and CID heeded this advice and that goes to show the eagerness and enthusiasm of Commander Sagapolutele and Captain Ta’aloloioufaiva John Cendrowski,” he said.

The Commissioner thanked the three officers for their service to the people of America Samoa and urged them to continue their good works.

He also reminded them when they approach the public, “do it with utmost respect”.

Captain Cendrowski congratulated and thanked the officers for their hard work.

Captain Cendrowski and Commander Sagapolutele announced the awards, while Commissioner Tuaolo presented the awards to the recipients. Among the crowd were CID and Traffic police officers and their family members.