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Impounded aiga bus may have been broken into, TV stolen

The Department of Public Safety is looking into allegations that an impounded aiga bus that was involved in a fatality two months ago was broken into and items taken. Commander of the Traffic Division, Captain Ta’aloloioufaiva John Cendrowski confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the matter.

Samoa News understands that inmates are alleged to be the main suspects in this case. Owner of the Aiga bus, Vila Loto told Samoa News that while their bus was impounded, her children had passed by the impound area, where they saw that the flat screen TV inside the bus was missing, and they contacted police.

Mrs. Loto said, police officers attended to the bus to find out that the flat screen was removed from where it was placed, and it was laying on the floor of the bus, however the stereo and two speakers were removed from the bus. She added that it appears that the stereo was yanked from its location because the wires were not properly cut.

She said initially her family was told that the bus would not be released until the investigation was completed; but shortly after the bus was broken into, it was released.

Samoa News received calls that inmates allegedly removed the items from the bus and sold it to Warden Lumana’i Maifea.

Commander Maifea in response to Samoa News queries said to contact the Commissioner of Public Safety Tuaolo Manaia Fruean. Maifea told Samoa News that the DPS Commissioner is well aware of what is going on and all questions into this matter should be directed to Tuaolo.

Samoa News contacted Tuaolo who seemed upset and was not aware of what the Warden was talking about. In an interview via phone, the Commissioner said “tell Maifea to tell you the truth about what happened, I have no knowledge about this.”

In the meantime the Commissioner confirmed with Samoa News that an internal investigation has been launched into allegations that Warden Maifea discharged a firearm at the front gate of the Tafuna Correctional Facility and inside his office.

Warden Maifea had told Samoa News last week that he was trying to eliminate the problem of having stray dogs inside the jail premises.

The Warden said he took his personal rifle to the TCF once and now the rifle is back at his residence. Warden also confirmed reports that the rifle allegedly went off inside his office.