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House Rep. Saulo reminds gov of partnership for better Tualauta roads

In her endless efforts to get the government to prioritize secondary roads in the Tualauta District, Rep. Florence Saulo is coordinating with community partners to provide labor for the Kokoland and Faleniu road projects, with the government providing the materials.


In a letter to Governor Lolo Moliga, the Tualauta faipule reminded Lolo of his promise to assist with the construction of the secondary roads, by providing the materials.  


A list of materials and equipment — like a mixer, tamping runner, plate compactor, and backhoe loader with tools, as well as cement, cinder, sand, lumber and re-bars — was attached to Saulo's letter.


In her letter, the House Rep reminded the governor of their previous meetings and noted  residents of the district will be most pleased to know that basic infrastructure plans for their villages continue to be implemented thanks to community partnerships with the ASG.


“As per our discussion and agreement, I will coordinate community partners in order to provide the labor for each of the Kokoland and Faleniu Road projects," Saulo wrote. “As our partner in this venture, ASG will provide the materials and supplies in order to carry out these projects to successful completion."


She added, “It has always been, and will remain my fervent belief that by creating and maintaining strategic community partnerships, we can improve the lives of our residents by undertaking and completing important infrastructure projects such as these. I am hopeful that this model can be utilized for a wealth of other infrastructure, mitigation and economic development projects that focus on the Tualauta District in the future.”


Saulo said inherent in any successful partnership is the willingness and dedication to work together toward a common goal. “Therefore, I thank you for ASG’s willingness and for your dedication to working with the residents of Tualauta District to accomplish our common goal, which is to provide basic infrastructure to the fastest growing district in the Territory.”


The Tualauta faipule has written to Governor Lolo on several occasions to follow up on their meetings and to inquire about when the government will provide the materials to fix the roads.