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Hip hop sensation with Samoan roots

A tiny hip hop sensation with Samoan roots is capturing hearts in Australia. And soon the world would know him too.If you had a 11-year old, you’d probably think it’s too early to contemplate a career for him. But not for Sipili and Tepora Sialeipata, the famous Samoan parents of Ezekiel.A budding performer, Zeke, his stage name, is multi-skilled—hip hop dancing and singing. His sensational moves has him juggling between studies at his primary school, bi-weekly dance classes and performing with two dance groups—Larger Than Life and Zigitty.With his charisma, his “Larger Than Life” dance group is reaching new heights in Australia and the world with a master-class show of talent .Zeke’s original dance group Zigitty, a kids band, plans to take on the might of the world at the Hip Hop World Championships in August this year, where they hope to better their status from 15 last year.In Hebrew, his name means “God is my strength”. Zeke has literally the world at his feet as he grabs title after title in his junior division in Australia and around the globe.“His passion was basketball but when my sister (Lige) showed him a few moves in dancing, there was no stopping Ezekiel,” Tepora told Islands Business in Sydney’s western suburb of Tregear, where the Sialeipata family resides with two other daughters—Eden, 9 and Erin, 6.With a natural knack for dancing, Zeke is also a hit on high-rating Australian television light entertainment show, Australia’s Got Talent, where he featured in May.He is now through the preliminary finals in the series, which is in the sixth season of success. Zeke impressed the judges and the wide spectrum of audiences at the Australia’s Got Talent show, which has left no stone unturned in a bid to find the nation’s greatest talents.