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Hazardous workshop for senior officials begins tomorrow

Some 40 plus ASG senior executives and officials as well as federal partners will be attending a two day ‘Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazard Preparedness’ set to get underway tomorrow at the local Department of Homeland Security’s (ASDHS) new office complex at Tafuna.


Among the ASG executives and officials expected to attend are Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga, Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga and the Fono leaders, says ASDHS director Iuniasolua T. Savusa in a letter to ASG departments, some in the private sector including the local media.


“Never before have the changes and the implications of disasters been more dramatic, fast moving and impactful as they have been within the last 5-10 years,” he wrote in the letter early this month.


“Disasters are occurring around the globe at an alarming rate and as such our efforts to keep ahead and be prepared have never been more urgent,” he said and noted that ASDHS shares with the community a “fervent commitment for the highest level of emergency preparedness in our small island nation.”


Topics for the workshop include roles and responsibilities and preparedness challenges; Homeland Security Strategic Planning as it relates to risk and needs assessment and the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP); and executive-level incident response and recovery, including medical/public health, situational appraisal, incident management and media relationship.


Another topic for the workshop is a practical exercise tailored for the jurisdiction as a catalyst to generate discussion of policy and emergency operations center activities required to support the incident commanders and state/federal government requirements related to an all-hazards catastrophic incident.


First session will be for all ASG executive officers and the second will be tailored to all ASG deputy directors and managers.