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Hawkeye: Workin it out!

A fine good morning to friends & fans of Hawkeye.

“Are we really workin it out?” According to the Kovanas radio Program, we haven’t even begun to work it out for our Falemai. Taxation is always one form of covering up fiscal mistakes. Attacking the Commodities to tax is somewhat of a “Double edged Sword.” To say that the extra Taxation would not place a strain on Small Business owners is miss-statement. Adding additional tax burdens will not solve the problems. Taxation without representation didn’t work for the Amish when they threw all of the tea in China in to the Bay of Pigs. This only led to marches by the tea party movement of Calcutta. We are anxious to get in to the Flag Day Celebrations. While this occurs once a year, we still get all excited over the festivities.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will be cruising out there in the Jungles in the “New & Improved” “Hawkmobile” having a “Lookie Lookie” at whazhappinin in Hooterville.

On the local political front, during Hawkeyes recent visit to “Pleasant Acres” for his purported “Annual Mind Flush,” Hawkeye picked his mental Winner/Candidate for the Goobernatorial Powitical Wace ob Wandahwand..

While Hawkeye is not at wiberty to divulge his choice of the winner fo da “Hot Seat,” he will say this much: “HUMM” There are about 7 Months remaining to make up our minds fans. Just remember to keep it “Kool & Clean during the Great Campaigns of 2012! Do not allow yourselves to be swayed by anyone other than yourselves as to whom to pencil in on that voting ballot sheet. First of all, make sure you are voting for the right year! Check your Ballots prior to filling them out to make sure you weren’t mistakenly handed the ballot sheet for the last ewection! Then take a look around you 360 deg. To make sure that you weren’t followed in to the poll booth! Last but certainly not lease, vote for the candidates of “Your”choice, not that of one of your illustrious leaders.

Hawkeye read with both Interest, and Approval, an article on Iran. This article was in the April, 2012 Edition of Newsmax Magazine, (Hawkeyes Magazine of choice now that we no longer receive the FNC on Local Cable,) written by (Former Ambassador to the United Nations.) “John Bolton.”

This Homo-sapien certainly hit the nail on the head, and to believe Hawkeye on this statement, read the article for yourselves. 

Hawkeye for one thinks that Mr. Bolton should be considered as a running mate to Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential race. This would be a team of all teams. Romney could “Kiss Da Babies,” while John as V.P could govern the country. Just a thought. Over.

When we watch International News on CNN, we are hearing a lot of Babbling over Race. While there is most likely Merit for a portion of the Racial Discussions, on the other hand there seems to be Discussions that are meant to be Fuel Adding Comments to an already potentially raging fire.

The case featuring Trayvon Martin of Sanford Florida comes to mind. Here is a Town that seldom, if ever has made the headlines for one instance, much less going on for 1 ½ month’s. If the law enforcement is looking for a place to hide Mr. Zimmerman, Hawkeye will suggest they look a few miles down the road to another town, “Stark Florida.” This man being the Man who shot Trayvon Martin could possibly fit right in with the Bad Guys at the “Stark Prison.” This fire is being fueled by an absence of interest on the part of Law Enforcement to investigate the case. Moving on, Comments made in other instances are deemed Racial, whether it be politics, or “Wild Bill” shootings on College Campuses, or Nursery Schools.

We need to back off of the racial accusations until all of the facts are in.

This is all that Hawkeye will cover on this subject. There is simply being too much hatred generated throughout the world fans. We must all learn again to Love One Another, and Come Together, and be kind to each other and be kind to your neighbors as long as they aren’t stealing your cars, or your Daughters. This is where Hawkeye will draw the line on kindness and Love. Over.. Hawkeye has turned his cheek throughout life. Some has paid off while there are also Homo’s who will take advantage of your generosity, and burn down your Meat-house! The bottom line is that we have only about eight months to worry about it one way or another. (Assuming, of course that the Mayans were right!} In this case, stealing your neighbors Car will be fruitless.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor plan to keep a vidual on Dec. 21st, 2012, just in case. What can it hurt? Quit your Jobs? No. Sell your House & Chillren? No.

Lets just wait & see what happens. If the Sun rises on Dec. 22, we have it made for a few more millennia! 

Tofa until Next week,

Hawkeye & Leanor.