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Hawkeye: Workin Like a Dawg

“There is no Pillow so soft as a clear conscience.” [French Proverb]Good morning to friends, habitual readers, and long time fans of Hawkeye.This is a fine time to be alive and healthy fans. Given the shenanigans that are taking place at our one and only Falema'i, what will it take for someone to step up to the plate and straighten that mess out?The looming layoff of 200 + Doctors, Nurses, and other staff members is somewhat insane at best! There are folks out there in the wildernesses who cannot afford the ridiculous price increases that have been written in to law by the management of the Falema'i! [Sick House] Granted, the Falema'i cannot function without funding, and excuse Hawkeye for saying this: “this is a repeat performance of bygone years! The notion that fee increases are the answer to the lack of funding is not altogether the case.Though the Hospital has been grossly mismanaged over the years, and the local government has turned a blind eye to the prevailing menagerie, it has been one step forward and three steps backwards. The fees at the Falema'i, must be increased, granted, but over a period of time. The same with ASPA. The shameful part of this whole mess is that the local Government owes ASPA around $9,000,000, while the utility struggles to make its bills. The same goes for the Falema'i.Placing these operations back under the wing of the local government is a repeated performance of disasters! People will begin to die for a lack of medical attention, and medication. The old folks are the ones who will suffer from high utility rates, and medical fees. We need to quit beating this dead horse that we are still attempting to ride, quit finger pointing and get to the basis of the cause! Let’s show the rest of the world that we can manage our internal problems, and then Uncle Sam can hold some of the aid money from Egypt, [who is holding 9 Amedikan Hostages] and treat us to some grant money. The layoff of 200 employees at our Hospital is absurd! The weather has been normal over the past couple of weeks considering it is our Tropical Cyclonic Season. Hawkeye feels quite comfortable with Carol and the rest of the staff in place there at our local weather station.It is a comfort to be able to go to sleep knowing that our local weather persons are awake! Hawkeye recalls the day that Tropical Cyclone “OFA” slipped up on us, unawares of the impending havoc we went about our daily lives all happy, and not at all caring what was bearing down on us. As they say: Ignorance is Bliss, therefore we were unafraid.Then along came a “messiah” in the form of Akapo Akapo. Since that time, we have been warned up front of the impending natural disasters headed our way.It is wise to keep the emergency kits at the ready just in case folks. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor take this very seriously, as should everyone in ear-shot! Pay attention to the local Radio Stations, and look outside once in awhile for something approaching from the East! [It could be a Fiery Chariot!] Speaking of the East, Hawkeye is downright disgusted at the way things are shaping up between Hilary, Syria, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Russians and the Chinese have spoken their piece in the form of their not supporting the “Knuckle Rapping” punishment proposal doled out by The United Nations Coalition!What we need is some strong leadership. “Leroy Panetta” is not our man for the department of defense. When he said to the world that Israel will be taking out the bomb making factories in Iran, he just tipped the enemy that our most staunch ally in the region will be attacking their Nuclear Facilities and when? Hawkeye asked Leanor to pinch him just to make sure he wasn’t watching “Unca Joey” and The “Road Wunner!” [Leanor instead, “Punched Hawkeye!”] Over…And at the risk of further beating the proverbial “DEAD HORSIE,” Have you folks been watching the primaries in “Da Estete?” [The States] “Whoudathunkit?” Little Rickie Sanatorium has pulled ahead of the pack! It doesn’t do him a world of good though except for keeping his already overinflated Ego, “Overinflated!” We seem to go from the “Winners,” to da “Whiners!” Hawkeye will stick with his local polyticks, and may the best person win.Hawkeye would like to extend Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez for once again taking the bull by the horns by their holding Classes on Survival at sea, along with the duties of a Captain who will be Master of the Ship. Hooterville needs more upstanding citizens of their caliber to lead, guide and direct us from the fiery pits, and the angry “Volcano Gods!” Kudos to the local Coast Guard detachment for their efforts to maintain “Safety @ Sea” for our Local Homies.Stay tuned for next week’s Column Fans, and keep it Kool whatever ya doo!Love & Hugs to all.Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.[DISCLAIMER: This commentary or column does not necessarily reflect the views of Samoa News.]