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Hawkeye: We will never know until we get there!

“Age is only a state of mind----that is, provided you have one left!”Good morning to all good friends out there in Wonderland.We are swishing our way through another January, and wondering just how many we will have left. Humm. This is one thing that Hawkeye never dwells on. He just moves forward one day at a time, and never wonders what it will be like on the other side as he has been there and done that!That final trip through the Tunnel will be an experience one could never imagine.But on to bigger and better things that have been occupying our time of late: The Long lines at the ASPA Recycling yard at Tafuna: While this operation was and is a great concept, and has its un-deniable merits, it would be nice to have more space for conducting the operations. There is a very noticeable difference in the appearance of our roadways since the beginning of the recycling program. With a little bit of tweaking, the operation could last well in to the future.It seems as though our Shipyard has work lined up to keep employees busy well in to the year. This is what Hooterville needs- to keep the Wagons in tight circles, and the Sheep watered, and sheared.It sounds like Tri-Marine are planning to stay with us for years to come, and Star-Kist is apparently looking at being in Wonderland well in to the future, of course pending the decision of the Minimum Wage outcome, and the decision to continue with the local Tax Breaks that are presently being enjoyed. Here again fans, the commitment expires along with the incentives for being here in the first place.Hawkeye will tread lightly throughout the year 2013 as he is still from the old school when it comes down to unlucky / superstitious numbers such as the Number “13.”It never hurts to play it close to the bone when it comes to the supernatural! Over.Speaking of the Supernatural, what will it take for Bank of Hawaii to extend its tenure in Paradise? If nothing else but to allow we citizens that have been patrons of the BOH for many years time to get our s#%t together!It is downright rude of a bank to just leave everyone high & dry! It would be interesting to learn what the real reasoning behind the sudden move is. Perhaps we really do not wish to know? Just hang around another year and ask the local government to politely call off the dogs. Over.Which brings us back to the absence of a Veterinarian? While Hawks & Leanors one and only cat that has not been spayed due to the absence of a Veterinarian, has given birth to three healthy Kittens, who needs it?This should be placed on Governor Lolos hot list along with hundreds of other projects he has to attend to. Hawkeye is certain there are many. Humm..It was MLK Day in Hooterville on Monday last, and Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor, along with Thousands of other citizens celebrated that holiday.Hawkeye celebrated his holiday by watching and listening to the “Manning Report.” The Reverend Manning is one of Hawkeye’s favorite heroes in the Media Industry. While Hawkeye is sure that Presetene {President} Obama will not be watching the Manning Report, Hawkeye does enjoy his take on the “Long Legged Mack Daddy!” {And of course caught up on other points of interest.}The bottom line is that while Hawkeye & Sweet Leanors Company can ill afford to take the MLK holiday, there is virtually no business that can be conducted due to everyone else observing the MLK Holiday. This brings us back to the Gun Control issue.Should there be guns or should there not be guns. We could consider looking on the bright side and face the fact that no other country is likely to mess with Amerika, {America.} Once the word is out that virtually every member of American Households, including Kindergarten Kids bear arms, they will think twice before they think about pulling another Terrorist act against America! What we need to do is to weed out the bad apples from the Barrel, and we are good to go.Hawkeye was reading in his Hometown newspaper that a Nine Year Old boy had just bagged his first 10 Point Buck! Right after that and not to be outdone there was mention of a Ten year old Girl who had just bagged her first 9 Point Buck. For those citizens who are confused as to what a “Buck” is, it is a Male Deer! This is Gun Control Redneck Style! The key to Gun Control is for everyone to register their weapons with their local Gun Club’s! I am sure that these Violent Children that Slayed those poor little Deer were supervised by their Fathers, and the Fathers most likely belonged to a Professional Gun Club.. They probably barbequed the Deer at the Gun Lodge. Over.With that Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will call it quits until this time next week.Do take care of the Kiddies and the Old Folks.With Love,Hawk & Sweet Leanor