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Hawkeye: Way Back When

“Determination and perseverance move the world: thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail.”

It is a fine Saturday morning in Hooterville! We have managed to slop the Hawgs, and pluck the chickens for the 4th of July Celebration, which of course is in celebration of the Colonies weaning themselves from the British rules and disgusting taxation. We are still fighting many wars: The American Revolution, {Tea Party} The Civil War: {Rebel Flag} Afghanistan, and soon to be Syria & Iran. The Iraqis are busy fighting their own wars within.

But let’s all remember those who have laid it all on the line for the “Red, White, & Blue” throughout the years, past and present. May old glory forever continue to wave over the “Home Of The Brave”, and in doing so continue as a beacon of freedom for the entire world to see! Over!

Will there ever be peace in the Halls of Congress? It certainly doesn’t look like it to listen to the news.

As President Carter said in his Gettysburg address: “Let the word go forth, to friend and foe alike, to this Nation, and to future generations, that the Torch has been passed!” It is too bad that he was assassinated in the Roxy Theatre in Alabama! It has been many years fans, but that is a fairly close assessment of the situation. Humm..

President Romley has sworn to uphold the Immigration Laws and get rid of every undocumented citizen by giving them a Limo Ride back to their Homes of Origin!

It is quite possible that this could happen in Wonderland with the right Kovana. First of all, we would need to locate the Gubernatorial Limo of AP Lutali Vintage. This one was complete with a Pedi Ramp. As Hawkeye recalls, a $60.000 + wonder Vehicle which has not been seen on the streets of Hooterville since way back when. Could it be that this was a gift complete with the Motorcycle Escort Machines that happened to go towards the West during one of the past administrations? Over. We might just nevah Knows fans. Humm..

The fourth of July is one Holiday that Hawkeye is careful to respect. He thinks of the many lives that have been lost towards the defense of our freedom. This is something that every American should be aware of and respect for future generations up to and including our present Presidential Administration. The Book, {THE AMATURE} is now visiting its sixth week on the New York Times Best Sellers List which sort of makes it a Must Read. Hawkeye did! Try it, and ya just might like it! {No political Pun intended.}

There is one Gubernatorial Candidate who is going about this Campaign in a totally different manner. This is our one and only Palagi Contender who on July 4th is going from Village to Village doing a Video of himself called {“THE ROAD TO CHANGE”.} There is supposedly a $500.00 prize for the Person, or group with the best non political sign. {Like why do we vote?} Hawkeye votes because it is the political thing to do on Election Day. This is the only time we have a chance to make a difference in our government by voting for the candidate of choice. This is how we expect to make a difference. Hawkeye will remind all Fans and Loyal readers that you only have a say in what happens by voting. Hawkeye is delighted to learn that the Gasoline prices will be dropping by .23 sene per gallon. {Cents} This certainly enhances the bottom line when we are pinching pennies to survive like Hawkeye is. Unfortunately, Hawkeye doesn’t believe that this drop in fuel prices will be long lived. Iran is rattling its Sabers again by test firing missiles that are said to be capable of reaching offshore targets such as {“The would be State of Israel.”}  {And unspoken other parts of the Globe.} And our Secretary of Estete, {State} has now more or less apologized to Pakistan for eliminating terrorist of the Al-Qaida Gang and in doing so taking out a few Innocent Women & Chillren! This is partly where that age old saying: “War’s Hell” came from!  The scary part of all of this is that we have now been made aware by CBS News that Any Kid sitting in front of his Mammas Flat Screen TV. With a Computer Game can often take control of an un manned Drone, Take off, turn left to right, and land it! {This is not his drone to be maneuvering.} Some professor has successfully performed this operation, making it rather scary! If Hawkeye sees any un-manned Drones cruising the skies over his neighborhood, he gwinna Duck! {He will also warn Sweet Leanor.}

Whatever we do fans, let’s do it safe and kleen on this holiday season. If we play our cards right, we can extend the 4th of July Holiday right in to the weekend. Depending of course if our Tupe, {Getis} {Money} {Scratch} holds out! Shop til you drop is the order of the day on July Fourth, or at least until the Money runs out!

Tofa from Leanor & Hawkeye until next week.