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Hawkeye: Wandering

“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.”

Good morning to fans, friends, and regular readers of Hawkeye.

Truer words were never spoken from the mouth of a Homo-sapien than that of the great Lena Horne. The burden may be borne mo' easy if you shoulder it just right!

While Hawkeye was sitting and waiting and waiting, for a meeting that was supposed to have convened @ 0900, at 1000 he asked himself: “What time does the four o’clock Train leave the Station? Hawkeye was taught to believe that it left at four o’clock sharp! On the other hand you can bet your sweet a#s that the five o’clock whistle blows at exactly five o’clock sharp! That is the signal that it is time to knock off work, (pauhana) and head out for the barn! What is the problem with keeping a schedule when you know full well that there are many people waiting on you to carry out a function that should well be assigned to officials of a certain department? If you are supposed to be the big “Kahuna” then set an example by showing up on time. There are people waiting that had to take off from work, miss a part of their pay and get high blood pressure only to wait on some idiot to saunter in, pick his nose, and play God! Over.

And while we are on rude Homos, the officials of the Traffic Division should divorce themselves from hassling motorists for going 2 MPH over the speed limit, and nail some of these rude Aiga Bus Drivers that like to pass on the right when ambulances are coming, etc.

Other than that, Hawkeye is having a great day in Paradise.

Bitch and moan as we may folks, this is still the most desirable spot on the globe to reside as far as Hawkeye is concerned.

Hawkeye had a package that was mailed from the US of A in December of 2011. He received the Priority Mail Package almost exactly two months to the day of when the parcel was mailed.

Our US Postal Service was very sympathetic though: In an e-mail received from Honolulu it said simply: Solly for your inconvenience. Hawkeye supposes that’s all they were authorized to say considering the simple fact that the USPS are going “Teats Up” and contemplating bankrupsy! But, that is the way of the world these days fans and friends. We are lucky that we don’t have to witness all the riots that are happening all over the Middle East, Europe, and Africa!