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Hawkeye: Walkin’ the Walk

“Drawing is the art of taking a line for a walk.”


A fine how do you do from Hawkeye on this most Descrumptious Day in Paradise.


Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor are getting all geared up for Flag Day. This is proving to be a Flag Day to be remembered throughout Wonderland for years to come fans. The spirit is alive, and the ceremonies will be in abundance.


Speaking of Ceremonies, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were honored to have been invited by Tri Marine to the Fantastic, and most impressive ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Freezer Facility at Atu’u last Friday, April 12, 2013. The Ceremony was well attended, and many speeches were offered as well as prayers. Our honorable Governor presented a speech that was short and to the point, with much positive content. The Freezer was definitely working, as during the Tour, Hawkeye nearly emerged from the unit with “Fast Frozen Genitalia!”  It could not have been better presented, and Hawkeye gives hats off to The Officials of Tri Marine for their contribution to the economy of Hooterville! {Also a big thank you to Tri Marine for the invitation!} Over. Hawk knows that Mr. Rento Curto, along with his Management Staff can pull it off and make Samoa Tuna Processors a major contributor to the local economy for many years to come.


On top of that remark, Hawkeye recognizes that Mr. Curto is from the great, ancient city of Roma. Hawkeye is a stickler for Ancient Roman History, and therefore holds a spot in his heart for those Roman Citizens who have chosen to grace our shores with economic development. Hawkeye hopes one day to revisit the Ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii which was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. This was a tourist Trap at its peak, and catered to Roman Centurions who needed a break from the trials if battle. This was a sort of “Wicked City,” depending on who you talk to about it. As far as Hawkeye is concerned, they knew how to have fun and enjoy a vacation! Hawkeye has a Picture Book titled: “EROS IN Pompeii” an erotic art collection from the Museum of Naples. {Napoli}


It is Hawkeye’s dream to go back there along with Sweet Leanor at his side. Hawk is not sure if this will ever happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.


Hawkeye is rather impressed by the many decorations of “Red, White & Blue” throughout the Island in preparation for this Flag Day. While instead of making attempts to withdraw from the umbrella of the United States of America, we are showing our appreciation for the gift of Freedom that we are all able to share as a result.


This is certain to be a Flag Day to remember fans, and Hawkeye for one intends to make it so! Shine up your Chariots, and save your confederate brass buttons, cuz da south she gwuinna rise again! Humm. And it looks as though Hawkeye will have to wait for another Flag Day Ceremony to honor the installation the Bronze Statue in Hawkeyes Likeness! This is the Statue that is to be erected in the middle of the largest traffic circle on the newly refurbished “Airport Road!”


Let’s do keep this project on the front burner folks, as we will need something to celebrate by the time the statue is installed, and lighted complete with a shining star in Hawkeye’s Crown!


Hawkeye will once again praise the cleanup crews for their excellent work in preparation for the Flag Day Celebration.


After Flag Day, we should stop cleaning up after “Litter-Bugs” and start fining them for littering! If they cannot afford the fines, award litter-bugs with community service on weekends picking up trash! As long as we pick up litter after Litter-Bugs, there will always be litter.


Operators and Drivers of vehicles that allow litter to be tossed from their windows along the roadsides should be fined to the fullest extent of the law! Those who continue to walk along public roadways and throw litter should either be fined, or awarded community service!


Secret “Litter Police” in un-marked vehicles, should be assigned to travel the roads of Paradise for the purpose of spotting and ticketing those who choose to litter. This will certainly enhance the beauty of Wonderland! The weather decided to give us a break and allowed the festivities to go ahead as planned. The weather was cool, and Hawkeye congratulates those who ran the Fautasi Race. {Long Boat Race}—The Villages of Vitia and Pago Pago, and the Samoana Sharks who won First, Second & Third place respectively.


There is a definite air of “Team Spirit” on this Flag Day which seemed to have been lacking over the past few years. Hawkeye has celebrated Flag Day in Wonderland 28 times now and he never gets tired of it. Homo-sapiens the world over should consider taking a trip to Paradise on Flag Day. To all the honored off Island Guest’s of this year’s Flag Day Celebration, Hawkeye personally wishes you a safe journey home.


Please continue to conserve water by showering with close friends.


With Love.


Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor