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Hawkeye: Toiling Away For Da Man!

“One thought can put thousands to knowing, but knowing one thing doesn’t put many to thinking.”


And a happy Saturday morning to all who reap the benefits of a freewheeling society.


Luckily, we do live in a freewheeling society fans and Hawkeye for one hopes it will stay that way forever & ever. If our great leaders in “Usingtone” (Washington) get their heads out of their Duffs and give up on the idea of cutting the Defense budget, we might just stand a prayers chance in hell of keeping our Nations Defenses’ at the ready.


We all should be listening to Leroy Panetta, when he says that the way forward to cutting expenses is to cut back on our defense budget! Now that just ain’t right folks! We are bragging about bringing back all of our troops from Afghanistan, but in the same breath we are saying that we want to create jobs. Between the military and the cuts to the General Service administration, we will be contributing to mass unemployment! The ticket to a balanced budget is to not spend more that we are taking in!


It is not Rocket Science Folks. The reason that Social Security and Medicare are in the pits is that while those Homo-sapiens (Like Nanny Pelosi) Cruised around on Government Jets, they were double dipping in to the Social Security Fund. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out either Fans.


The one good thing that has developed from all of this is that the Air Force stripped old Nanny of her Plane. Does this mean that she will have to pay for her plush excursions abroad, and round trips to Sacramento? Unless Hawkeye misses his guess, we will never know!


The US Government should entertain the thought of testing Unmanned Drones in the transport of passengers to their places of residence during recesses of Congress!


But who would vote “YAY” for a program like this? So much for cutting spending in the Federal Government. Hawkeye believes that all Federal Government servants should be required to account for their time, and be paid accordingly. This could be monitored by the age old “Time Clock” method. This new plan is to include Joe Biden. The President will be responsible for keeping his own time. Each Person in Congress, the Senate, Secret Service Personnel, and plain old ordinary GSA personnel, would be required to submit a by-monthly report to the public as to how they spent their time. They would be paid accordingly from their reports.


The maximum it should take any Federal Government employ to make out there By-Monthly report would be no more than Ten Minutes a month. The time spent in doing the reports would be deducted from the persons monthly / By-Monthly pay check! By enforcement of this policy, we could increase the defense budget, not weaken our defenses by cutting the budget.


This would alleviate a lot of the unemployment caused by Layoffs, and downright firings of those poor bastards that actually work for a living!


But this would never apply to the good citizens of Hooterville. We are all bound and determined to serve our government with pride, and honesty. We can therefore set an example for our leaders in the land of the “Great White Father!” Speaking of leadership, what is happening with bringing in another banking institution? We do not need another Credit Union. We need another Real Bank. Hawkeye is very disappointed at the method used by BOH in closing their doors here in Wonderland! But, Enuff said on this subject as we will have to just wait and see what develops. Over.


That doesn’t take away from the fact that we are in desperate need of a Veterinarian. Hawkeye has one Knocked up kitty Kat, er ah, was knocked up, but Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor are the proud grand parents of three beautiful kittens.


Oh well, Hawkeye and Leanor tried. Now, The latest Cruise ship to grace our beautiful shores, the “What’s Its Name”  {MARINA} Came to Wonderland bringing Friends of Hawkeyes Family, Mrs. Fran Stribling, and her fine Husband Mr. Jimmy Stribling. While the visit was short, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were happy to have made their acquaintance. It was a quick trip to Vita, the “COCK’s COMB”, and Mt. Rainmaker. Then it was on to a nice lunch at the Equator Restaurant, followed by  a “COOKS TOUR” of the”HAWKS NEST.”  Fran and Jimmy are residents of Albuquerque New Mexico. Hawkeye would also at this time like to wish a happy Howdy from Hawk & Sweet Leanor to Renee and Gary Harrington of Albuquerque New Mehico. Howdy Ya’all. It is nice to have Cruise Ships grace our Shores, especially when they deliver loved ones from far away. Those poor people in the Gulf of Mexico did not fare as well however. All’s well that ends well folks.


Let’s thank those police that nailed that Crazed Killer there around “BIG BEAR.” This just show’s to go ya that messing with the Bull will get you the Horns! 


Until this time next week, do take care of the Kiddies and the old folks.




Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.