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Hawkeye: In Those Days

“Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth… Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.”

Good morning to all good friends, loyal readers, and fans of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye feels like a million bucks this morning even though he is near broke! They say that Tupe {money} isn’t everything, but Hawkeye is here to tell you that you won’t get very far without it! And there is good news today coming out of the great state of Wisconsin. They will be able to continue to make Cheese! They will also retain their incumbent Kovana, {Govnah} and their LT. Kovana, which is due to the incumbents winning the ridiculous “Re-Call” election. California tried recalling their Governor, and they ended up with Ernie Swartzerneiger who wasn’t much better than the first.

Hawkeye, not claiming to be a Politician will hereby shut his face on the subject. Over.

And as it has been written, in those days, traveling was very dangerous. There were Cannibals who would chase you down, kook you and ate you up! And while we are on the subject of cannibalism, what about the Homo that ate the other homos face? Just when we think it cannot get any worse, it does. Could this sort of behavior be drug induced? And on to some good news: The military have exterminated the No. 2 bad guy with Al-Qaida. These are the Homos that are constantly trying to kill freedom loving people of the world… This imbecile was slain in Pakistan, a so called allied Country that we support by donating billions of our hard earned tax dollars to annually. It is time to spread the wealth amongst ourselves for a change fans. It is time to clean out the barn, and shear the sheep. And while we are doing that, we might as well clean each other’s toenails.. Humm..

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor watched a couple of good movies this week end folks. “Act of Valor” was well worth the time taken to watch. This was our Navy Seals in live action, acted out by genuine Navy Seals, and based on real life activities. Hawkeye will hereby make this his Movie Pick of the Month. Go get it, and salute our men & women in uniform of all branches of our armed forces. You’ll be glad you did! Another great movie is “Good for nothing.” A very different movie with lots of dry humor throughout. Now: speaking of dry humor, how about driving through an obstacle course in the form of the Post Office Parking lot! If you can negotiate your Taavales {Automobiles} through that Parking lot, you can succeed at doing the run over 3 mile Gorge in Southern Peru! This is next to murder in disguise folks. Homo-sapiens will squeeze in to parking spaces that do not exist. If that don’t work, they will park smack dab in front of you, hemming not only you in to the point that you cannot move in any direction, but so many others while they simply step out of their Chariots and head off to who knows where to take care of their own selfish agendas. Hawkeye will hereby practice what he preaches now fans: If ya don’t care for Wonderland, the Planes still fly in both directions. Hawkeye can vouch for this over the past 27 years, confusion in the Post Office Parking Lot or not! Hawkeye, along with hundreds of other Homos has had the Flu Virus for the past two weeks.

This comes with the rains that carry the virus, and there is nothing in the world you can do to prevent it, or cure it. You simply have to keep your fever down, clear out the “Logies,” and get on with your lives without causing too much hardship on other family members or co workers who happen to have it just as bad as you do. Show some sympathy for those around you by telling them that you are very sorry that they have the flu, but what about you?  You feel just as bad as they do, so to hell with the sympathy, Over..  Let’s all sing and cough it up together fans. This sort of group therapy can be nearly as good as showering with a close friend during the heavy drought seasons.

Hawk was reading an actual book the other evening about one of his favorite subjects: Alien’s. It seems as though there is more and more listening devices being put in to service now, the closer we get to December 21st, 2012. The question is now, if we discover intelligent life forms, and actually establish communications, what do we say to them? Do we ask them “How Da Weddah Dare Bro?” Or “Is you a-cumin ta take us out?” Hawkeye is going to ask them who else is out there and should he lock up his daughters! Anyway, it will not hurt to be on the safe side, and stand by with a nice bottle of Bubbly for the reception just in case!

That ought to do it until next week folks.

Love to all from Hawk & Sweet Leanor.