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Hawkeye: A Rude Awakening?

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”


Hawkeye awoke this morning dreaming of North Korea. He dreamt that he was sitting next to Kim Jog Wan and Dennis Rodman.


They were seeing how long it would take for a whole army of Chillen to die by starvation. Then Hawkeye awoke and asked Sweet Leanor to pinch him. “Ouch!” what a rude awakening.


Such is life as we know it fans, and as a matter of fact, we are legally still at war with North Korea! The cease fire was sounded some 60 years ago, and then there has been silence ever since, except for when the great leader decides to rattle his cage! The point here is that there are people being starved by the thousands, enslaved to the factories and fields in that the “Great Leader” may flaunt his army of one!


The Crisis in Syria is miniscule in comparison to that of North Korea. This is not to say that the crisis in Syria is right, however it is safe to state that if we are hell bent on going in to Syria to assist the people who are in servitude, why not assist the North Korean citizens as well.There is an equal threat to our National security.


Hawkeye is happy to learn that our one and only TEO will be placed in the Capable Hands of Utu Abe Malae. Planning today, for energy tomorrow is all important, and we should never forget this for a moment fans. Alternative methods of creating energy for the world market should by all means be placed on the Front Burner!


Time does not heal problems that we as Homo-sapiens are now facing pertaining to alternative methods of generating energy for us the consumer. We are the problem, and it is up to we the people to come up with a solution. Let us not wait for Russia or Germany to get there first! It is high time that America stood its ground once again, and regained the no. 1 spot in the Global Economical Market!


But look at us today. You can bet you’re a#s that the rest of the world is looking at the freak show that we are now experiencing in Usingtone! The old ‘he said, she said’  crap is not washing well with the rest of the Nation, and that of the world. We are appearing as “Old & Stupid” in the eyes of our global neighbors. How can we expect others to follow if we have lost our edge in the position of leaders?


Enuff, Over. Hawkeye will gonna get his Hypertension soaring along with the cost of energy! The longer this thing with the Government shutdown goes, the worse it will get. Now we are cutting out veterans death benefits? What a shame for those who engineered this move.


Veteran’s benefits will be the next to hit the bricks, then Medicare and Social Security. This will cause literal starvation amoungst Veterans and Social Security Recipients. Not good. All the polls in the country will never make it right. This should not be considered as a Republican / Democrat issue, it should be considered as a downright fiasco for those that caused it to happen in the first place!


If Hawkeye were back in the Suesquenna River Hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania as a boy, he would hear this from his old dead Redneck Daddy: “Why they oughta be ashamed of themselves!” Humm.


Speaking of the Susquehanna River Hills of Pennsylvania, Hawkeye remembers when he used to be awakened by his Paw in the middle of the night to shovel snow off the roof of the “Hooch.” This was to prevent the weight of the accumulated Snow causing the roof to cave in, burying everyone inside alive!  Hawkeye didn’t mind doing this in the middle of the winter, but when his old daddy called him to shovel snow off the roof in the middle of July, he knew immediately that something was wrong!


Those were the days growing up in Peach Bottom Township fans. The thing that bothered Hawkeye the most about the imaginary snow removal from the roof was the threats that came with the order to do so by His old Daddy: Boy, you had bettah not tear that thair Tarpaper neither, or I is a gonna whip ya till ya pee and then beat ya for peeing!


Are we really thinking of arming our Police Officers? This is a potential Disaster waiting to happen. Isn’t it bad enough that our High School Kids are using stones to get their point across? Arming Police Officers seems to be a big mistake in that they have gotten along quite well with their “Billy Clubs.” Armed Police officers will breed more contempt, and the after Games, fights will become more deadly, just knowing that the police officers are armed.


Here again: This should be put to a public vote, and go from there. [See poll on] But this is only Hawkeye’s opinion and it certainly isn’t Gospel! The future is in our hands and we need not drop the ball folks.


Love until next week:


Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor


(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this column are not necessarily those of Samoa News)