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Hawkeye: Rollin with life’s punches

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”


Good day to all of the good friends and loyal readers of Hawkeye.


Hawk supposes that we are in fact rolling along with the punches of life as we are still alive and kicking to write, and read as we see fit. We are further very lucky to have the freedom to do the aforementioned without fear of retribution. Hawkeye just heard that Valatimere Putin of Russia is getting back to the socialist ways as he has been trained in the ways of the wicked being a former member of the feared KGB which was Stalin’s Secret Police Force. One of the little known facts of the last Bush Administration is that G.W. and His Father George H.W. invited Putin to their spread in Kennebunkport Main for a “POW WOW”. {Old Indian Meeting of the minds.}


G.W. Said to Valat: are you actually planning to take your country back to the oppression of the socialist days?  In the first place, you don’t have enough time left in office. Putin replied that he has all the time left in office that he needs which is an eternity. He further stated that he could do whatever he wants with Russia as long as the populace does not attempt an uprising. He also said that George knew where he could stick his plans for Missile Shields in Georgia and points East and West of there! Needless to say that that was the last time we have heard of Valatimere, except for when the present administration caved in to Putin on the Missile defense shields. Such goes life in the big city eh Fans?


Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor sat around the Hooch, {Fale} all weekend watching Cable Re Runs. One does not need to look far to find a Re-Run. The entire programming is re runs! Hawkeye always watches the CBS News with Charlie Rose and Nora O’Donnell at 0700 every morning.


Reminiscent of Fox News being taken away from the viewing public, Hawkeye was disgusted to find a Basketball Game! What gives fans? Is this really how the only game in town performs when they feel that they have us over the “Proverbial Barrel? “ It is high time to clean out the barn Folks! We are in the infant throes of a new administration, and the private sector should by all means fess up with performance for the peeps! We pay our bills and therefore deserve better!


On a happier note, we can only hope that in the future of Fiber Optic that we will be able to lure another cable provider in to Wonderland. One that holds no bias towards Fox News! We need a tell all News affiliate to include Fox News, CBS and CNN. In other words, a choice!


Looking on the brighter side, it can only get better! Looking at the situation through Rose Colored Contact Lenses should give us something other than Sh#%ty outlooks on the situation as a hole! {Whole}


Hawkeye is hoping along with many others in the local populace that Governor Lolo is successful in his attempts to locate another “Mainland Bank” {Fale Tupe} to come to the shores of Hooterville and do business. This time around they will be greeted by professionals who do in fact wish to do business with the outside world! It would be nice to enhance our tourism to the point that we actually wish to host real tourists and not just the Federal Tourism Grants.


The days of Milk & Honey are over Fans, It is time to break out the old Gray Mare and fess up to the fact that we will have to re-learn to plow the south forty the hard way. We might need to put our SUV’S in storage, and import some Horses, Donkeys, Mules and Buggies along with Wagons and Buggies to aid the tourists in their tours throughout Paradise! The drawback that Hawkeye can see with this scenario is that we will need to hire foreigners, to clean up the S*it and more foreigners to grow the crops to feed the animals!


Where there is a will, there is a way folks. {Can’t recall who said that!} Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor cannot wait for the remainder of the Airport Road Traffic Circles to be installed. Hawkeye is not sure which circle The Bronze Statue of him will be erected in. Hawkeye can’t wait to snap a likeness of him-self as he drives past his Statue! He will be sure to send a copy to the Samoa News, along with all the major World Newspapers. Humm.


Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will at this time give a shout out to their family members and dear friends out there in Beautiful Albuquerque New Mehico. To Gary, Renee, Marjorie, Fran & Jimmy: Howdy from your folks south of the equator. May all of your future chillen be bawn naked!


Folks, do continue to conserve water by showering with close friends. Do take care of the children and the old folks.With Love until next week;


Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.