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Hawkeye: Remembering Our Veterans

“There is no fun in guaranteed success!”


Hawkeye wishes us all a very Memorable Veterans day, and to those who did make the Humble Sacrifice, may they continue to rest in peace.


It was a nice ceremony that was held at the Veterans Monument, and especially the laying of the wreath in honor of those veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice. Hawkeye has an emotional moment when he recalls some of those who were close to him that died in battle.


Regardless as to whether we thought any of our wars weren’t worth fighting, just remember: We have yet to host a war in our own country since the US Civil War. This in itself makes it all worthwhile, and to be able to enjoy the freedoms with our loved ones that those wars generated, in itself made it all worthwhile. While it will be nice to have our troops home for a change, we must never forget the sacrifices that were made in the name of freedom.


The TYPHOON that just struck the Philippines is said to be the worst on record. As the death toll raises let us hope that it tapers off soon and that those who survived it get all the assistance that they need. The assistance has been forthcoming for the Typhoon Victims; however the distribution has been quite chaotic. One can only imagine the Heart Rendering Emotional Stress that these Poor Folks are forced to endure. There are no words that can express the sorrow, heartaches, and physical pain that people share in times of Disaster.


 Hawkeye knows what it is like to be in the middle of Hurricanes as he has encountered many in his short life span of 70 + years.


Hawk recalls his first Hurricane which passed through “Peach-Bottom Township in South Eastern Pennsylvania. It was in October of 1958, and the sustained winds of “Hurricane Hazel” were only 78 MPH (Hurricane Force). Hawkeye was too young and stupid to be afraid thus he was on the outside looking in for most of the Hurricane.


 He witnessed three tall Popular Trees fall across the House at “Slate Hill Pa.” and slap his old daddy right across the mouth. This is most likely the real reason that Hawkeye was un-afraid as he was overjoyed to see the “OLD MAN” get a piece of what he was comfortable in dishing out!


Hawkeye’s Daddy was the first to order everyone out of the house when a disaster struck. In this case should the old man have stayed inside, he would not have been slapped by the Popular Trees. It was a real mess. After the storm had subsided, and even while it was still raining, the old man was in the front yard snapping orders.


Yawl git da Axe, yawl git da Saw. Somebody git da chain saw! (Then he realized that he didn’t own a chain saw!) The moral of the story is that we never had time to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves as the old man did keep us busy! The bottom line is that the old man could well have been sent to his maker if the popular trees would have been three inches taller! Over.


Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will get out and donate to the disaster relief for those in the Philippines. Hawkeye will suggest that anyone who feels the urge to do so Please donate as every dollar helps in a case such as this.


Hawkeye has his book of the month in the smallest room of his Fale. It is called: “If you were the only girl in the world, you could name your own price.” Also is the Latest novel by Jessie Ventura: “Democrips and ReBloodlicans.”


This book has called for No More Gangs in government! This is a well worthwhile read and Hawkeye definitely recommends that every Literate Homo-sapien takes up this fine piece of Script and reads it all in one setting in the smallest room of “The Hooch!”


The reader may also entertain the thought of inviting neighbors to the reading so they can rush out and tell their friends all about how Great Jessie Ventura is, and how he is likely to become our next president on the liberal ticket. If Jessie were running right now he would most likely be dwelling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West.


And Kudos to our friend John Wasko who just flew right up there and brought home three medals to show the world that we old geezers still have what it takes! The medals were in the 12-69 year old bracket and he qualifies at both ends of the scale! A big “Malo” to John and his family who must be simply beside themselves.


This makes Hawkeye want to get out and run around the block during his next visit to Fairhaven! Folks, don’t forget to get out there and open your hearts, and you’re Wallets for the poor people of the Philippines. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor is firm believers that what goes around come around. In cases like this, we will be richly rewarded by our donations. It’s not the amount; it is the thought behind the donations.


Tofa Soifua,


Hawk & Sweet Leanor


Disclaimer: This column or commentary does not necessarily reflect the views of Samoa News.