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Hawkeye: Remembering

“If you develop rules, never have more than ten.”

It seems like yesterday that we observed Veterans Day in Wonderland. Time does have a way of “FLYING” after one passes “SIXTY.” As long as we never forget the purpose of the observance of Veterans Day, we will be forever free! {Not Forever Young.}

Hawkeye would hope that Veterans Day will be remembered for the Veterans that have fought in all wars both foreign and domestic. We have thus far managed to keep the Nuclear Countries, and those wanabe Nuclear Countries contained to the point that they are still mere threats to our society and world peace as we know it.

Hawkeye often wonders if we have really given much thought as to the ramifications of Pulling out of the Middle East. Hawkeye recalls what happened in Vietnam when we abruptly pulled our troop levels down from 550,000 to 150,000 and allowed the enemy to know what dates this would occur. After we had departed company with South Vietnam and allowed the SVA to take control of our leftover weaponry, and consequently their future as an independent Nation, Guess What?

The NVA along with every tagalong rogue mercenary that they could muster, invaded the Wanna Be Nation of South Vietnam, killing and or maiming everyone who crossed its path, including those US Troops that were left behind to assist the SVA! The point is, Hawkeye almost sees a pattern similar to the aforementioned developing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Politics have been playing a large part in the future of Democracy in these Middle Eastern Countries. The president that we installed in Iraq is in a large part: “Iranian”

Therefore now that we are down to a skeleton crew in Iraq, the Iranians are flying through Iraqi air-space in order to supply the Syrian Government with Arms, and general supplies, virtually unopposed! What a deal for Iran who is fast becoming public enemy no. One to America!

In the name of politics as usual, we have ignored the actual situation in Iraq, and “Sugar Coated” the situation there in the name of the US Presidential Elections, IE: Politics!

There is a similar situation developing in Afghanistan: We have {In The Name Of Political Gain} announced a troop withdrawal in 2014.This allows the Enemy to simply sit back and out-wait us. Then after the troop drawdown that the lowest Goat Herder is aware of, will simply use our own weapons to attack our peacekeeping forces that the Afghans never wanted in the first place! Where are our leadership folk? We need to “Wake up and smell the Tuna!”

To answer his own question, Hawkeye turned on the evening news on Monday, November 12, 2012, and watched as he saw that General David Petraus is in the crosshairs for having an affair with a lady reserve officer, and his personal biographer. It wasn’t so bad until Hawkeye got to the part where Mrs. what’s her name took the photos!  Then on Tuesday Morning, November 13, 2012, Hawkeye hears and watches as the General in Afghanistan is being railroaded for having an affair with some lady from Tampa? Hawkeye has no problem with the fact that these two decorated Leaders wish to throw away their Careers, and their marriages over a couple of minor adulterous affairs, but what really concerns Hawkeye is: Who the f&%k is minding the store? Huh? Over…

This is taking some of the Benghazi heat off the white House in the mean time. It does seem rather odd that within 24 hours of the elections, there were two top level resignations in the administrative Cabinet. {Hillary as Secretary of State and Petraus as head of the CIA.}

And the potential replacements are even more ridiculous: Suzie Rice as Secretary of State? She is having problems clearing herself as US Ambassador to the UN. And Boring John Kerry the Swift Boat guy of the Vietnam era, as either Secretary of State, or Secretary of Defense? “Get the Hell back already.” This fellow couldn’t lead a solofanua {Horse} to water; much less cause him to drink! 

Anyway, we are all in it for the ride fans for better or for worse. Deal with it! Over.

Sweet Leanor and the Hawk were at the Post Office the other day when this rather Nosy Homo-sapien of the feminine gender approached Hawkeye. She asked Hawk what he thought of this coalition to trod on his majesty, Faioa and what’s his name. Hawkeye said he will mind his own business. The lady went one further by telling Hawk that she thinks the populace will be pissed off at the Coalition and vote for the team of Faioa and the other Guy. Taufete’e. The arrogant lady said that this will backfire on these fine members of the Coalition, and certainly place Faioa and Taufete’e in the driver’s seat. Hawkeye assumed that the Nosy Lady is voting for her favorite team. {That is if she is qualified to vote!} Hum. Enuff of the political gab folks and back to the weather in the Northeastern United Estete. {States}

Until Next week, Continue to love and cherish each udder.

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.