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Hawkeye: Pre Flag Day Blues

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you know.”

“When Angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, count to a hundred!”

Good morning to friends, fans and foes alike on this beautiful day in Hooterville. Hawkeye awoke this morning feeling as though we are getting there. He told Sweet Leanor: “Honey, I think we is getting there!” “Where?” was sweet Leanor's reaction to Hawkeye's statement? That certainly threw a curve in to Hawkeye's attempt at an early AM conversation. Where is a good question, but let’s all keep heading in that general direction anyway, Okay Folks?

Speaking of heading out, there are many semi-intelligent Homo-sapiens that actually believe that there will be life after December 21st, 2012. Hawkeye is pleased to announce that he is amongst those semi-intelligent beings, and join the ranks of those who have chosen to ignore the Aliens when they are clearly attempting to warn us of imminent destruction. If there is to be Chaos in December 2012, it will most likely be Israel attacking Mohamomammyadjihid there on the oily shores of Iran! Even his own Aahatollia has decided that he don’t like this guy either, and if the truth were known, he might just welcome an attack by Israel, and should this actually happen, he could push Old “Moham” under a speeding Tank!

The world is watching, but nothing is being done to prevent Chaos from further development there in the Middle East. If this keeps up, they will be trading camels for gasoline, and food.

As Hawkeye has said before, there are good people in Iran just as there are in other parts of the world. There is always that 10% that like to throw the “Monkey Wrench” in the wheels of progress.

Hawkeye was just wondering if we just happened to lose FNC just when the elections are about to get in to full swing? We had a chance to see what the RNC were up to when we had FNC, but now we have to accept what we get from CNN. Bummer. All is well that ends well though folks. Have you watched Channel 08 lately? It isn’t FNC! Hawkeye can assure you of that! Over.  Hawkeye is actually getting used to all the movie re-runs on cable. Hawk and Sweet Leanor try to memorize the conversations verbatim, and recite them to each other just prior to slumber, or heading off to the Fale’s Smallest Room! It is amazing how one can actually turn boredom into something beautiful.. Hum Ho Ho Ho. LOL Giggle Giggle Tee Hee..

For some reason, that tickled Hawkeye's funny bone.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will give kudos to Public Works for getting the Pot holes patched. Hawkeye hit a hole on the Fagaima Road that was so deep that he thought he was going to need a mini submarine to get him out! Never a dull moment folks and that is how we all stay sane in these insane times that we are living in. Hawkeye is becoming immune though as he has missed his annual Mind Flush in Fairhaven twice in a row! Most likely the real reason for this is that he doesn’t have enuff Tupe, {Money} to get he and Sweet Leanor to the grocery store!

Hawkeye has always said that it will get worse before getting better. Hawkeye at this time will announce that it is about f#%n time that things get better. Just stay on the wagon awhile longer fans and we are a gonna get there. {Wherever “There” is!}

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of positive thinking in an otherwise totally negative world. We are the ones who have it right: The rest of the World is all goofed up! See what the powers of positive thinking will do to a whole crop of homo-sapiens? Just stay loose! In doing so we will never stand out in the crowd!

Hawkeye and Leanor seen more semi-endangered species {Tourists} along the Highways and Byways of Wonderland on Monday last. All Hawkeye had to say was: “Howaboutdat.”

One of the Tourists was looking for the “Pep Boys.” Hawkeye told him that he would need to look in the Fono Building downtown. Hawkeye heard him say that he needed a part for his mobility scooter.

Fans, as we grow ever closer to the elections, we need to constantly be reminded to get out and vote. It might not seem like such a big deal, but this is what keeps the free world turning on its axis. For comparison, just take a look at Syria, Babylon, Kuala Lumpur, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, and finally Timbuktu over there in Russia. They don’t know the meaning of organized, Fair & Honest elections. They have forgotten the meaning of a shared meal with their families. People are starving, cattle are being raped, and women are being stampeded! We need to jump in and help those people as long as we do not bankrupt each other in doing so.

Folks, Keep those Cards & Letters coming, and do not hesitate to press the “Panic Button” when the time comes..

Love until next week from:

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.