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Hawkeye: Post Flag Day Blues

“Do not allow your neighbor to set your standards. Be yourself.”


Flag Day is over for another year fans. Some of us are tired out from all the wonderful festivities, loads of fun, loads of food, and heaps of speeches.


It was a good time had by all as Hawkeye sees it, and now that the Flag Day guests have all gone back to their lands of origin, we re-gather the pieces and move on with our lives. Governor Lolo is to be commended for his superb leadership and Protocol for making this year’s festivities a momentous occasion! Which leads us right in to a visit by another Cruise Ship with 2,000 plus Tourist’s aboard


Yep: Good things are happening in Wonderland folks. The article in the Samoa News pertaining to the Samoa Proposal to can and export Dog Meat to ASIA probably has some merit. First allow our Western Neighbors to go ahead with their plan.


Get all the proper Health Permits in place, etc, and when Samoa begins to run low on Dog Meat to can and export, we sell them our stray animals with one stipulation being that the animals are collected and transported to Samoa at no cost to the local seller. Let’s see where this one goes with the bleeding hearts who are forever criticizing our methods of exterminating and controlling the stray animal population!


There is someone who always has a better means of annihilating the stray dog population, but never become more than sidewalk superintendents when it comes to the call for action! Nevertheless, something must be done, and this could certainly be something to consider. Before we criticize other people for their consumption, let us ask ourselves: What would we do should we be on the brink of starvation?


Hawkeye for one would be stalking every Stray Dog he could find! There is a moral reason that the bleeding heart populations of the world turn their noses up at the very thought of the consumption of Dog Meat! For Centuries, Dogs have been considered as Domesticated Animals, with names such as “Fido,” “Fidel,” “Rover,” “Sister,” “Mister,” or just plain “Joe.” Thus no one wishes to tell their Chillen at the Dinner Table that they are in fact nibbling on their once favorite pet, “Booboo!”


After all of the Bars and night-clubs had closed, Hawkeye was eager to get a “Chow Burger” at Katy’s on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. This was made of none other than local “Dog Meat,” therefore Hawkeye and his buddies were more than happy to get it! Take away the Moralistic aspect, and replace it with drunkenness’ and hunger, and we ate “Doggie Burgers!” In the State of Hawaii, it is more than easy to purchase Dog Meat either on the Paw, or dressed and ready to cook. So: who are we to say that it is wrong for Samoa to offer canned Doggie Meat to our Asian Neighbors?


Let’s leave this for the Religious Leaders to sort out. Hawkeye is tired.. Over.


And then there were the Double Bomb explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The sooner we come to grips with ourselves, and realize, and admit that these freaks will always be out there no matter what, trying to maim and kill freedom loving Americans, and anyone else who happens to be in the way, the sooner we will realize that this so called “WAR ON TERROR” will end up being longer than the Great Battle of Armageddon! {And also “Legageddon!}


These people are brain washed and there is no way in hell that we can catch all of them before they wreak Havoc on innocent Men, Women, Chillen, along with some of the stray dogs that we have just aforementioned. These people will do what their Head Lizard tells them to do, even though it could mean strapping on a suicide bomb and exploding it in the middle of a crowd! When we are dealing with this caliber of radical minds, it is difficult to win the battles, or the War! It makes no difference whether they kill 3,000 Homo-sapiens as in the WTC on 09/11, or if they manage to kill or maim twenty people on a Unicycle in Paris, the mentality is the same.


Hawkeye supposes that extreme vigilance is the key to success in this matter, but so far it has worked only to Bankrupt America! We need to Capture these Homos and spray them with warm “Pork Fat” in order to make them talk about their leaders! Certainly, the Bleeding Hearts wouldn’t consider this as a form of Interrogation especially if the attack were in the middle of chambers in the Capitol Building!


We need to get off our asses and stop sweating the Political “Small Stuff,” and get back to reality fans. Look at Benghazi! We were caught with our pants down around our ankles and therefore couldn’t see where we were headed! In Hawkeye's opinion, this could have been headed off at the pass!


Until next week, Keep your dingle-berries picked, and your chickens milked.


Take care of the Old Folks, and the Chillen!


Sweet Leanor & Hawkeye