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Hawkeye: Observing Presidents Day

“Giving love is doing, and there is always more to do.” “Randy Travis.” [Recovering Alcoholic.]

Good day to all fans of Hawkeye on this fine Presidents Day. Hawkeye and Leanor placed our Flag its place on the roof for all to see. Hawkeye for one thinks that the Stars & Stripes are the most beautiful sight to behold, streaming in a gentle breeze.

It is always nice to recognize Presidents both past and present, as a symbol of our love for our great country. Hawkeye is a Patriot, and will remain so for the rest of his natural life.

Hawkeye would like to recognize his old friend, Tom Jardel, of Escondido California. Here’s to ya Brother, and may all of your future chillren be born naked! [From Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.]

Hawkeye gave himself the day off in honor of Presidents Day. This day only comes once a year fans, so we should all make the best of it.

Speaking of Days Off, we will be entering in to the Flag Day celebrations 2012 sooner than we think! April 17, is just around the corner. Hawkeye cannot wait to attend the dedication of the new Cultural Fale there in Utulei on Flag Day. Hawkeye hopes the Governor will invite he and sweet Leanor to attend the festivities.

Hawkeye was watching “Spartacus” on the Tube the other evening, and he realized that he has been to the ancient ruins of Rome, and Pompeii, where some of the incidents take place in the TV Show. The Ancient Romans really knew how to party hearty, especially if the Gladiators were putting on a show for the Magistrate. Hawkeye actually hopes one day to take Sweet Leanor for a walk through ancient Pompeii, and gaze upon the actual Amphitheater where some of the Spartacus battles were fought. Hawkeye has always been a buff of Ancient Roman History. Hawkeye actually would like to see an “Olive Garden” restaurant take off in Wonderland. This way, Leanor can get a little glimpse of Rome while pigging out on the Spaghetti & Meatball’s!  Humm. This along with a bottle of Tuscany’s Best would really make the evening!

There were a few polite comments pertaining to Hawkeyes comments on the proposed Fish Freezer. Let Hawkeye make this statement, and he will call it quits.

Hawkeye really doesn’t care one way or another where they put the fish freezer.  After having read such sarcastic comments causes Hawkeye to lose interest. By the way: Keep reading Hawkeye and the Samoa News, as you must love it. As for what Hawkeyes column stands for, it stands for smut, which is what some folks are capable of absorbing. If you are not willing to join the fight, stay the hell out of the arena! Over..

Hawkeye has been a member in good standing of the National Geographic Society since 1972. Though it is often three months to receive the Magazines by Ship, Hawk does manage to stay up on the issues. In the December, 2011 Issue, received on Saturday, February 18th, 2012, we are discussing the origin of the King James Version of the Bible. Here is a book that was first printed 400 years ago fans. It is said to have molded the English language. Hawkeye has often wondered that some religious scholars still teach that the world is 6,000 + years old, and some may or may not still believe that the earth is flat, and square complete with four corners. Taken from a book that actually originated in 500 BC allows these puzzle pieces to fall in to place.

Hawkeye recalls the Adult Sunday School Class in the First Baptist church of Delta Pennsylvania with its members arguing over the four corners of the earth.

This was mentioned somewhere in the good book, that someone asked why Homo-sapiens all spoke different languages. The reasoning was that the Lord was so angry at mankind for the way they were acting that he cast them to the four corners of the earth, and gave them different languages so they could no longer communicate sinful topics, and therefore remain pure.

Hawkeye is still waiting to see a photo taken from Outer Space showing that the earth is truly flat. This could answer many problems that often befall our elected politicians in that they actually believe that the earth is round.

Who can argue with the King James Version of the Holy Bible? Humm.. Hawkeye loves his National Geographic Magazines, and hopes he don’t have to wait in a fish smelling atmosphere when he goes to the US Post Office in Fagatogo, created by Frozen Fish which according to some Homos do not have an odor. Over.

Enuff of beating that dead horse folks. Let someone else beat it for a change.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the Visiting Tourists. You can tell by the smiles on their faces as they step off the buses at Fata Ma Futi. This is one landmark that is seen around the world folks. The second landmark is Tisa’s Barefoot Bar. Tourists will be talking about these attractions when the cows come home.

All for now folks,

Until Next Week,

Hawk & Leanor