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Hawkeye: Lookin Ahead

“A smile increases your Face Value.”

As we shift in to the forward gears of life, and as we live and breathe, it does seem to be a beautiful day in Paradise.

Good day to all fine friends and Readers of Hawkeye.

We seem to have put one more week behind us, and as we stand together as one, we must remember that we can all fall as one also! This is not Negative thinking on the part of Hawkeye, just stating the facts..

Hawkeye is happy to see that the road maintenance crews are working diligently at keeping the many Pot Holes patched these days, especially after the heavy rains that we have all been witness to. Kudos to the road Maintenance crews from Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is delighted to learn that the Government has agreed to fess up with some Tupe to represent our talents at the 11th Pacific festival of the finer arts in the Solomon Islands. It is always good to participate and in doing so sharing our culture with the rest of the Pacific. The arts festival that was held in Wonderland was a smashing success if Hawk must say so himself! People must be still talking about our 10th Festival of the arts and crafts.

Things have certainly been very slow in “Kokomo” these days fans. No major arguments, no fighting at the Fono, no Tupe, {Money} for the Falemai, No Tupe for the off Island medical referral, a broken down Mammy-Grammy Machine, and the beat goes on.

We should be out there in front, leading other Nations of the Pacific. We seem to be spinning our wheels fans. We need to get our cows back over their own buckets, and get the outhouse cleaned for when they come.

It would seem as though we have finally found a CEO at LBJ that is willing to get in there and kick and scream for the betterment of the Falemai. Now all he needs is for someone out there to hear his screaming, and feel his kicking. {Malo to the CEO of our one and only Falemai!}

Hawkeye heard that the Filipino Community had a real nice bash for their Independence Day Celebration. Their “Cinderella Man” {Manny Pacquio} Lost his fight, but on the brighter side, the Lt Kovana was in attendance of the Independence Day Celebration. Hawkeye heard that the Lt. Kovana shared in some of the Native dances at the Celebration. Humm..

Hawkeye wanted to attend that party but did not for two reasons: Reason No, One is that Hawkeye is sick with the old Flu! The second reason is that he wasn’t invited! Over.

There are so many weird things happening out there in the world today Folks. Just to watch the news on CNN makes Hawk sick to his stomach! Homo-sapiens eating other Homo-sapiens faces? This is unheard of! All of this is supposedly from taking a tote off a bottle of detergent? One News article said that this stuff was better than LSD! It must be something else to cause one Homo to chow down on another Homos Face!

People are just walking in to establishments and pulling the triggers! This would make the Middle East look like the Garden of Eden..

Speaking of the Middle East, what about Assayed the kingpin of Syria? He is killing his own relatives! Hawkeye says this as they are mostly related through Incestrious Love Affairs in that part of the Globe. If Hillary keeps running her mouth, she is liable to have us in a shooting war with Russia! It is not at all surprising to hear that the Russians are selling Weapons and Helicopters to the Assad Regime. They are also selling Nuclear Technology to the Iranians! We must be very careful for a couple of reasons in considering involvement in the Affairs of the Middle East! If we go in and wipe out Assad of Syria, we might just have the Russians crawling up our Backsides. Same goes for Iran. This is like Big Daddy Taking the Rolls Royce away! The Tupe is flowing strong from Iran, Syria, Turkey, and soon to be Iraq once again to the Russians. They do not care about Humanity. They care about Tupe! {Money} But: what does this all have to do with eating each other’s Faces? Perhaps Hillary should make an attempt to sell the Syrian Ragmen a couple of shiploads of “Drano!”  That should light up their candles! Over.

Hawkeye was also reading about all of these weird Groups hibernating in the backwoods of the good old US of A. These Homos are Heathens, and speaking of Incestuous, they will put the boys in the Movie “Deliverance” to shame!

One guy was proud of the fact that he could aim and fire his rifle from either his right side, or his left side. This came Natural to him as he had one eye right in the middle of his forehead! {Like a Cyclops!}

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor have decided to pass this up for a vacation destination.

But until next week, do take care of the Blind and the old folks.

Love to all until next week.

Hawkeye and Leanor.