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Hawkeye: Limping along through Paradise

“You know you are getting old when people keep telling you how good you look!”


Good Saturday to all friends and readers of Hawkeye.


In Paraguay, there was a bus driver who was laid off from his job of driving a bus. He decided to protest so he had himself crucified using real nail’s through his hands and feet, on a real wooden Cross! Here was a fellow who either really liked his job, or he just wanted some more attention. What a way to get attention. Hawkeye could think of other less painful means of gaining attention like jumping in front of one of the city busses being driven by a person who still had his job! This poor fellow was number six to be voluntarily crucified in protest of austerity measures taken by the Bus Company.


Now we are aiming to go in to Syria and meddle where we are not wanted. Those people seem to be doing quite well in canceling each other’s lives as it now stands and neither want or need us to get in their way by lobbing Tomahawk Missiles into the various dens of iniquity.


We are further reminded of this by the protests throughout the world, and by the lack of support by our Allies like the USSR, Iran, North Korea, Mainland China, the British Royal Republic, Mexico, France, Germany, Israel, Egypt, and Old Detroit! Hawkeye will suppose that they will eventually sort it out for themselves on this one. We do not need to be engaged in another conflict. We need to pick up all of our marbles and head for home!


The fantastic Labor Day celebrations were a first since Hawkeyes Arrival to the shores of Paradise some 29 years ago. Hawkeye found a home when he landed at the Malae Vailele {airport} on March 10, 1985. The Labor Day Celebrations were long overdue, and we should honor those who organized the festivities which went off so well. We definitely went after the sheep that laid the golden egg on this one folks!


And speaking of Limping along through Paradise, Hawkeyes Dear Sister Irene is by now witnessing Paradise first hand. It is with sorrow that Hawkeye mentions the Death of his Sister on September 01, 2013. She will be missed in this life, but she will enjoy the afterlife far better than the present. Hawkeye thanks her Husband Jim for all the years of marriage and the constant care given to Sister Irene up and through her demise.


Getting back to Syria, and having spent some 4 ½ years in the Middle East, {IRAN to be Exact,} Hawkeye will predict that if the United States decides to use military force of any magnitude in Syria, we will be in essence “Pulling the Trigger” that signals the beginning of WWIII. This could well be the battle of Armageddon that the bible so often tells us about. The timing and the area are certainly factors considering WWIII and we will be surrounded by War Mongering Nations on all sides, Top and Bottom!


We are likely to be going up against our own weaponry during this impending battle folks. We have supplied the Middle Eastern countries with arms for decades. Now it is time to pay the piper! Iran is one of our biggest threats to the security of that region should the US decide to do a calculated air strike on Syria’s Capitol of St Petersburg! Russia has too much at stake monetarily in the region in arms sales, and nuclear materials which to date has not been paid for. Russia has various interests in Iran, more so than in Syria. We can no longer count on our allies to back us in a raid on Syria.


All of the once powerful nations of the world are on the brink of bankruptcy! We as a nation are on the brink of Bankruptcy!


Now, speaking of bankruptcy, Hawkeye reads that over 4,000 homes in old Detroit are being razed to the ground? We should give this property to the Indians and allow then to develop it into gaming operations. The revenue from the Gambling alone would do wonders in refilling Old Detroit’s financial cavities! Our Moralistic attitudes will permit us to go in unannounced and Bomb other countries, but it will not permit us to do gambling Casinos!


Be sure to watch for the next episode of “THE GONG SHOW” folks. Or a little trivia Pursuit; as in —when will we begin to tax the revenue taken in by the churches and the Faefaeu’s?


Hawkeye recalls one publisher who mentioned this and was put in a Wheel Chair for the rest of his life by a mis-placed sniper's bullet. Hawkeye actually read that article and it made a lot of sense some 40 years ago!


Until next week, Keep Paradise clean & Green!


From Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor