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Hawkeye: Keeping the Peace

“Storms cause trees to take deeper root.”


Good morning to all fine readers and friends of the Hawk.


Here we are once again remembering Pearl Harbor. The year has flown past leaving us with more sad memories, and memories that we are unlikely to forget such as Pearl Harbor.


When Hawkeye thinks of WWII and the many battles fought and won for freedom, it sickens him to listen to Foreigners slander our flag, both Old Glory, and our Local Flag’s. Hawkeye thinks this should call for an immediate deportation never allowed to return to “Little America,” Ever Ever! We who are lucky enough to dwell in little Amerika, do respect our flags both National, and local.


These are symbols of past wars, and dedication by hero’s who have paid the ultimate sacrifice such as those who did so at Pearl Harbor. When Hawkeye visited the USS Arizona Memorial, and Punchbowl Cemetery all in one day, he cried tears.


There were Japanese tourists who were crying right alongside Hawkeye. There was no animosity between the two races, only genuine grief. So we should never be exposed to some little “Pipsqueak” who chooses to slander our Flag, while all at the same time raping our economy by sending their earnings back to their Mother Country! If you do not like America, crawl back on your little Boats, or an outbound plane, as this is your choice. If you do not like living in paradise, leave it, but never ever slander our Flags! {Especially in front of Hawkeye.}


Hawkeye is proud of his Honorable Discharge from the US Navy earned during the Vietnam era. This was another dark period in the history of America. Hawkeye wasn’t drafted, he volunteered. While these same types of persons that slander our flag were running across the Canadian border to avoid the draft, Hawkeye and those like him made themselves available for what came at them in the name of freedom. That being said, let’s all remember Pearl Harbor!


Hawkeye's read of the week is “Sweatshops in Paradise” By Virginia Sudbury. Sudbury and her husband were short time residents of Paradise in the 90s. Virginia was a struggling attorney who happened to take on what would become one of the most famous Human Trafficking / Slavery cases ever to make it to News Media’s worldwide. Her true story is told in her page turning book “Sweatshops in Paradise” which Hawkeye is now reading from the smallest room of his dwelling. Having been a long time, continuous resident of Paradise for the past 29 years, Hawkeye was close at hand to witness the plight of some half Starved Vietnamese Garment Workers. On many of an occasion, there would be three to five Vietnamese Female Garment Workers show up at Hawkeyes Hooch on weekends offering to clean House, or cook for food. This went on for quite some time and while Hawkeye felt for them, he would give them each $20 apiece and wish them well. It was no secret that this was going on right under the nose of not only the South Pacific, residents, but for the eyes and ears of the entire world. Hawkeye not having finished reading this work of Fiction will comment more in a later cliff hanging issue of “Hawkeye.” The book has a nice photo of the Tank Farm on the front of the Hardcover dust jacket.


Just when we thought we were getting back in to reality, we hear and read of Flying Cars, and self Driving Automobiles. Why would anyone wish to ride in a self driving Auto, when they could enjoy the feeling if independence of having control of the vehicle to go wherever the human operator pointed it! Better yet, take a train, or a Public Bus! Who needs to spend $250,000 to say, “Hey look at Meee!” Each to their own is Hawkeyes motto so he will simply wait and see. Leanor wanted to know if the self driving automobile will have a steering wheel. This way she can practice driving while she is getting to a predetermined destination with her “Know it all” Husband, “Hawkeye!”


Hawkeye has in fact shared his copy of the NYT Best Selling Book, “Killing Jesus.” This was the one mentioned earlier by Bill ORiley, host of the ORiley Factor on the Fox Channels which we no longer receive. Anyway, good book for anyone who can read, and is also interested in reading Bill’s Book!


We are definitely in an economic depression here in Wonderland. We need only look around us, and we see small businesses struggling and if not from a lack of business, a lack of payment for the business that they do have. No one mentions this which pretty well sums up the fact that there are a few in the “Have” Section of the Bleachers that are satisfied with the level of business that they have, and therefore could care less what the other half, the “Have Not’s” are doing for survival. This is nothing new, and it is ok as long as you are in the driver’s seat!


Brush up on your Mandarin Chinese fans as you is a gwina need it!


Love from;


Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor 


This column or commentary does not necessarily reflect the views of Samoa News.