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Hawkeye: Just get over it!

“It is easier to get into something than to get out of it.”

Good morning to all friends, fans and Political associates of Hawkeye on this, another fine day in Hooterville.

The Ewections have come and gone, and the political rhetoric has passed on into oblivion for the most part with the exception of a few “Die-Hards.”

Let’s face it folks, if our candidates did not win, there is no use in crying over the spilled milk that was left over from the Dairy Awards! We all did what we thought was the right thing to do when we entered the Polling Booths, and that’s just the way it is! Right, wrong, or indifferent, we exercised our freedom of choice, and there were no “Cling-On’s” looking over our shoulder’s telling us where to put the “X!” If we missed our mark this time around, we can always make it right in 2016.

Hawkeye’s old dead redneck pappy never voted. He was never hesitant to talk down to someone whom he believed voted for the wrong person, and as far as Hawkeye was concerned, he should have just kept his opinions to himself! Hawkeye recalls mentioning this to the old man once, and after he got his head screwed back on straight he listened to what his old daddy had to say: “Boy, you knows that I can’t write a word, so how in the hell is I supposed ta vote?” Hawkeye answered: “It doesn’t take any genius to make an “X!”

Hawkeye then offered to teach the old man how to sign his mark with an “X.”  The old man accused Hawkeye of being a smart-ass and never voted up to and including the day he blew his brains out all over the front lawn of the Pennsylvania Estate! Over! He is still most likely wallowing around down there in his box, asking himself why he didn’t allow His youngest Son; Hawkeye to teach him how to act in the Poll Booth in front of that piece of paper called the Ballot! Humm.. We will never know the answer to this, and Hawkeye supposes that “HE” will just have to “GET OVER IT!”

While it appears that Hawkeyes person did not win the White House, it does not mean that Hawkeye backed the wrong Horse! Once we put a stamp of approval on a Candidate, we must back him or her all the way to the finish line! (That is unless your Candidate turns out to be a “FLIP FLOPPER!”) At any rate, we will just have to get over it, Lick our wounds, and obey the laws of the land, and assist incumbents in any way possible.

Our local election results were no surprise to Hawkeye, and though Hawk is not a political Homo-sapien, his horse did come in (More or less.) The newcomers to the local political stage got their feet wet, and this is a good thing fans. Now they can either gear up for another charge in 2016, or simply hang it up and lead from behind as we have become so accustomed to doing over the years.

This has been a very interesting political season to say the least, and those who have insisted on a Palagi Governor over the past few years, had their chance to make their dreams come true. Nevertheless, we can all move forward in harmony, and attempt to “Come together” and get something accomplished.

Hawkeye will spend most of his spare time urging Sarah Palin to make a run for the White House in 2016. That will be an interesting race at best, with Sarah running against Hilary. Humm. Worst case scenario would be that either of them won! Now back in to real time, we need to get the mess straightened out in “Benghazi.” We need to satisfy the spirits of those we lost in that stupid raid on the US Embassy there. Here again: We gotta get over it, and move forward! March on to a more glorious future with the same old leaders, lick each other’s wounds, and dummy up to the task of making America a strong Nation that we have all been so proud of since we took it from the “POM’S” in 1776!

Now; wouldn’t Bob Denver roll over in his box if he knew that he could go on a truly Legal “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH?” Having approved the sale and therefore the use of “Mary Jane” in the great state of Colorado, he could do exactly that. Now that Bob is dead, we, (The Living) will all have to pick up the slack!

RIP Bob, you deserve it for all the support that you gave “POT” while you were still alive. Too bad you weren’t smoking before that last plane ride in to the side of “MT. What’s its name?” You could have been flying higher than the plane and would have therefore missed the mountain! Over.

Well folks; “we have reached the promised land.” We have all seen it from the political mountaintop! Swallow our pride, get over it, and move on!

With Love until November 20, 2012:

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor