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Hawkeye: Holidays

“Joy is not in things, it is in us.” [Richard Wagner]

Good morning to all who will listen. Good morning to all who wont!

But finally good morning to all fans and loyal readers of Hawkeye.

We had another long weekend thanks to the loss of a great leader of the “60’S” who will forever be remembered for the guy “Who Had a Dream!”

Hawkeye is banging the keyboard on MLK Day and wondering how many more holidays it will take to put us all in the Pohouse! It seems like one holiday gets finished, and another one begins. This makes it rather difficult to do business. This is just the way it is though folks, and as long as we have a federal Government controlling us, and the Dept. of Labor controlling the Federal Government, we will never win.

But to all of those Homo-sapiens out there in Hawksville who enjoy all the many holidays & vacations, mo power to ya! Enjoy it while you can. Humm..

Hawkeye is reading the somewhat controversial Piece of literature that is leaving the shelves of bookstores nationwide. This book is authored by a nice lady, Jodi Kantor who definitely has a gifted hand for penning a wonder of Non Fiction.

The title of this masterpiece is: “THE OBAMAS.” This is somewhat of a documentary of life for the President and the First Lady during their first term in the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

Now, while Hawkeye is still at the beginning of the book, he sees nothing that would suggest that Jodi Kantor was making any attempt at being critical of the Obama’s, as has been suggested by the First Lady herself. It would appear that Jodi Kantor has done her homework and researched the subject matter of her book to the wire. Mrs. Obama however has said publically, in the main stream media that the book portrays her as an angry Black Woman.. This obviously is not the intent of the Authoress. Hawkeye will have, or should have finished reading the book by next week’s column, and he will be more qualified to comment.. Okay? OK. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor always try to keep up with their reading, and this often occurs in the smallest room of their Fale.

This is one way to ensure that you have absolute privacy, and therefore can read uninterrupted. Hawkeye has a hard time closing the book even when his legs get all numb from lack of circulation! This is how Hawkeye judges the quality of the books contents. Now: There has been a lot of commenting pertaining to the proposed location of the Freezer Facility to be more or less joint ventured by the local government and Star-Kist. While we should by all means assist the Canneries in every way possible, let’s not go overboard by putting the chicken before the horse. Er Ah..

The proposed location of the Freezer Facility will be counterproductive to what we are attempting to accomplish. It will be devastating to our already feeble tourist trade to have the Cruise Ship Tourists report to their Aiga {Family} back in the old country that they will need a gas mask to debark the ship at this would-be tourist destination!

Imagine the traffic congestion that this would cause at the most aggravating traffic snarl second only to Lau-fou center! Hawkeye is not suggesting that the Freezer Facility be located atop Mt. Alava, but certainly not at the spot as proposed! This needs some forethought, followed up immediately by a lot of afterthought. Then all interested parties should sit down at a nose picking contest, and agree to position this Freezer Facility in a more realistic place such as the area beyond the Tri Marine Facility. Over.

Hawkeye for one will sign the petition, and therefore encourage everyone who loves their community to do the same. Pay close attention to Hawkeye on this one fans. Hawkeye will give it one more for Mr. Sanchez for leading the pack in the best interest of the community. Here is a Business person who is unafraid to speak out for what he stands for!

Let us detour over in to the wonderful world of Polyticks for a moment.

The national political scene hopefully will not set the stage for local politics. While much can be learned from the big boys, Hawkeye is admittedly concerned for the future of our Nation. We are still the greatest Nation on Earth as we know it, and we need to step up to the plate and play ball with one another and cut with the childish bickering! We are supposed to set the pace for the rest of the free world, but as it stands, we are spinning our wheels! We can talk all we wish with countries like Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and Afghanistan , even North Korea, but while we are talking, they are building Nuclear war heads. Once they get the warhead, it is “Katie Bar The Door!” They just borrow a Missile from Russia to launch it!

Love to all until next week.

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.