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Hawkeye: Happiness is Not in the New Year!

Hope is a risk that must be run.”

Hawkeye waits most patiently throughout the year to watch the New Years Eve ceremonies at Times Square.

This year, as always, Hawk checked the channel Lineup to inform himself as to whether it would still be on Channel 14, CNN, and at what time. “Good” It will be starting at 1630 as usual, local time. Actually, CNN Channel was off the air for the entire day, and remained so into New Years Day, through January 2nd. 

This is one performance by Kathy Griffin, and Anderson Cooper that is decidedly one of a kind. Even most of the re-runs were non-available on New Year’s Eve! This is a day that Homosapiens curls up on the couch and watch those things that were made unavailable to us this year!

This is what happens when you are the only game in town! Get another Cable Service to come to Hooterville, and see how quick the present gets it in line! There will be a mass exodus taking place when this happens. Why are we subjected to all of these re-runs? Do not attempt to contact the executive offices as they are usually in a meeting, or they have just “Stepped Out!”

Enuff Over! It would be nice for someone to return our calls, if for no other reason than the customer relations department actually do know and care what they are doing! Treat us like children if you may, but soon the shoe could be on the other foot! Have a happy New Year. We the customer did not!

Perhaps the fact that Anderson and Kathy are both openly Gay, could have something to do with it? Dunno.

On to another smooth situation is the deplorable condition of our roads! Guess what off Island visitors see when they hit the road to town: The deplorable condition of the Airport Road!

This is what Homos see when they arrive, and the last thing they see when they leave! “Not Good!” Again: Enuff Said!

When tourists ask Local Homo-sapiens why we don’t do something about the Stray Animal population, we tell them that we have no Veterinarian, due to mismanaging the Budget!

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor now have a very Pregnant Cat. The reason she is pregnant is the fact that she did what all cats do naturally! We took her to the vet and were told to bring her home for two weeks, and we would be called. Right: My Wife called the Vet Clinic after two weeks, and was told by the lady to just wait for her call. Hawkeye called the Vet Clinic and was told that his wife had called, and to wait the call from the vet Clinic! The next thing that we heard from the clinic was that there was no more Veterinarian, and we seen that on the radio! We are still waiting, but it is too late. She is already knocked up! Perhaps the Veterinarians clinic can assist us in giving the Kittens a good home! “Happy New Year!”

Hawkeye has been rather ill for the better part of the holiday season. He is sick while he is writing this. Hawkeye for two reasons will not be attending the Inaugural Ball. For the first reason, he is sick. The second reason being that he was never invited! Over. It is bound to be a real Knockout Inaugural blast even if there is no funding!

Hawkeye is hoping that the funding for his “Home for unwed Mothers” remains on the table. It is one thing to not have funding for a Veterinarian Clinic, But a Home for unwed Mothers is quite another! The ASPA Decorations are looking good at night. The Solaita’s have assisted with a dancing light exhibition, and much creativity has gone into that project. It is good to go there at night and cop a few photos for the family album. Humm.

Hawkeye wishes to wish all of his Friends & Family in the Mainland United States a Happy New Year, as well as those family members in the Philippines whom he loves dearly.

Most of all, He would like to wish himself And Sweet Leanor a Happy New Year!

Hell: while he is at it, Hawkeye will wish Santa Baby a Happy New Year! And Mrs. Clause too!

On one of the few operating Channels Hawkeye watched a re-run of yet another DOOMSDAY SCENERIO! This actually convinced Hawkeye to keep his chariot at the ready as it could come at any time, and we won’t know exactly how it will happen until mankind has been duped off the face of the earth! We probably won’t know then as we will have own been blown to “SMITHEREENS!” Hawkeye will watch for what happens to the Sun First: Then if the Sun is ok, he will gaze at the surface of the Moon. We need to leave other Planets alone Fans.

Hawkeyes Uncle Howard once made an intelligent statement: “If God woulda meant fer us to go ta da Moon, he ud a built a road to it!

All for next week and enjoy life to its fullest!

Hawk & Sweet Leanor