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Hawkeye: Hanging with the Populace

“Modesty is the art of encouraging people to find out for themselves just how wonderful you really are.”

One of the local “Space Buffs” called out to Hawkeye on the street the other day: He tried to tell Hawkeye that on the last Space Shuttle Flight, one of the “Astronuts” claimed to have seen Jesus through one of the many of the Ships “Open” Portholes. Hawkeye asked the fellow if there were any words from the lips of J.C. to the Astronut. He said that the man said that he was lost. Hum. The Astronut told him that he will take it up with “Branson” when he gets home and see if he can “Snag” him on his next trip into the universe. The guy said that the Astronut asked him where he lived. He replied: “Ah Dunno:” I is lost! Remember?

Hawkeye misses the Space shuttle launches. When they shut down that program, they shut down a piece of American Ingenuity, and Pride. Now the Space travel is being turned over to the private sector, which by all means should be a good thing. In the absence of Hawkeyes Mind Flushing Trips to Fair Haven, he tends to dwell on thoughts of this nature. Hawkeye wonders what Romney is thinking about these days fans? It most likely ain’t the absence of the Space Shuttle Program! Perhaps he sees Dancing Solofanua with sugar plums in their little oral cavities! Hum.

Hawkeye is writing this on Sunday, November 18, 2012, and cannot contain himself until the runoff election on Tuesday November 20th 2012. Here’s what Hawkeye has to say about the election: Make up your own mind who you wish to vote for, and vote! Do not allow yourself to be swayed by sore losers and nosey poll watchers. Just vote! Get to the polls and vote. This is the only way we can make a difference. Sitting in the Fale, sniveling will not get the job done.

May the best team win! We will be able to tell which the best team is when all of the votes are in and counted. All we need do is to get to the polling stations and affix our “X” on the ballot! Over.

If Hawkeye had teeth, he would be sitting around grinding them together in anticipation of the Runoff Ewection! Having a look at the modern means of public transportation in mainland China, it would appear as though the Chinese are developing their rail transportation industry after our, [Americas] Airlines of the 1950s & 1960s. They not only have Bullet trains in full operation that move thousands of passengers to destinations of their choice, but these modern trains come complete with a full complement of Female Hostesses! There is every comfort known to the industry up to and including fold down benches for the purpose of changing baby diapers in the restrooms!

Hawkeye read this in one of the Magazine he receives monthly and it was indeed a riveting article. We are still arguing over how to afford to rebuild our infrastructure, and the Bullet Trains for the most part have been taken off of State Drawing Boards. In another article pertaining to China in that same magazine, there is one that talks of Chinas Military buildup, while the USA is contemplating a vast reduction in defense spending! This definitely sends a message folks, and Hawkeye is afraid that we are failing as a Free Nation to heed the warning signals. Hawkeye will go on with his life as it is, but he will keep his good eye on the international Ball!

So there we are on the morning after. Once again the voters and Good citizens of Wonderland have spoken. Let’s all work together, get over it, and move on with our lives until the next election! Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor watched the election results while nibbling on “Hostess Twinkies!” Congrats to Lolo & Faoa and their team’s for a hard fought Wace.

There seems to be increased competition with rental housing in Hooterville these days. The proposition 162200-3 has created a glutton with the rental dwellings, [Low Cost.]

Here is a suggestion by Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor: For those land-lords who are struggling, offer incentives to those renters who have good payment records. Like if the Tennant has a clean payment record for a year, offer them one month’s free rent to deter them from going over to the new low cost housing that now seems to be plentiful!

But what does this have to do with stray animal eradication in Hooterville?  This is still an existing problem folks, and should definitely be addressed by the new Kovana. Perhaps a new program like the aforementioned incentitive program for Renters: Two Stray Dogs for one week free rent. This is bound to have a positive effect on the stray animal population. Let’s face it: It’s better than running them down with a car in front of the children!

With that, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor wish you all a nice long weekend “Gobble Gobble”

Tofa Soifua.