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Hawkeye: Forever Young

“Do not attempt to lead me into temptation: I can find the way myself!”


Good morning to all Loyal & Royal Fans and readers of Hawkeye. We beat the system for another week, and lived to tell about it.


Hawkeye went in to a Senior Citizens meeting one time in the land of the long white cloud. He was actually there to visit a relative at that time. There as large as Daylight hanging on the front wall of the meeting hall was a big old banner that said in Big Black Letters on an all white background were the words: “FOREVER YOUNG.”


When Hawkeye gets to feeling down about ageing, he just reminisces about his visit to that Senior Citizens Meeting Hall. What a motto to live by in the later years of one’s life. After living a full life, and having mellowed in to the senior years, it is time to have a motto to remember.


This is Hawkeye's Chosen Motto and he will probably stick with it until the day he re-enters that great bright tunnel of life! So: If you don’t have a Motto to live by, Hawkeye will suggest that you sit in a corner of life until you find and realize your Motto. We all need something to hang on to in our senior years. Some choose religion, while others choose a famous figure such as “ALFRED E. NEUMAN.” Or “CHARLES MANSON.” Whatever, or whomever we decided to choose as our Motto in life, we need a motto. So: Let's all get this on our Bucket List as soon as possible. This will afford us peace and joy beyond belief fans.


Hawkeye is working on his bucket list, and by trusting in his Motto: “FOREVER YOUNG,” he feels like he need not hurry to complete his Bucket List. One of the things Paramount on his Bucket List is to take his Sweet Leanor to Pompeii! Another is to make one final pilgrimage to “FAIR HAVEN,” to see some of the old Inmates. If nothing else but to see if they actually remember Hawkeye. This as all readers will recall is where Hawkeye went for his annual mind flushes. Hawkeye hasn’t required a mind flush since he met his sweet Leanor! So: it doesn’t matter to Hawkeye if the Sun sets in the East, and rises in the west as long as Leanor is there by his side!


And then there is poor old O.J. Simpson who actually had the world by the ass. He had a good career in Football, had broken in to the movies such as “The Naked Gun,” had a nice SUV, and a short career in SUV Racing! Look at him now after years in prison; he is seeking a retrial, or a full pardon? Pardon for what? He said that he is not guilty? If he isn’t guilty, how can he be pardoned? Just a thought..Humm


And then there are our good friends and allies, “THE RUSSIANS.” They refuse to get on the Peace Train to Syria. They are providing his majesty Assad Mosheik with all sorts of sophisticated Weaponry in order to keep him in power.


The last thing we as Americans need is to get involved with Syria. Taking this in to context, we should be thanking the Russians for not backing any stupid moves to involve the US in another Middle East War. Those people were quite happily killing each other before we decided to go in there and convert them to the ways of the west! These people are proficient at killing each other as they have been at it for 3+thousand years! When you have the Masses that believe they are leading “CHARMED LIVES,” it is rather difficult to win a war, or even a battle!


We need to pull all overseas Troops home to protect the Mainland. This way they can live by Hawkeyes Motto: “FOREVER YOUNG.”  Our Chances of converting the Middle Easterners to democracy and Christendom are as slim as Converting an Atheist to Catholicism! This is not likely to happen on Hawkeye's watch fans. We might as well send Pat Robinson and the Reverend Billy Gram to the Middle East to sell French Made Automobiles!


And what about those poor unfortunate folks there in Moore Oklahoma? It is now being dubbed a Category 5 Tornado. This is the second time around for these unfortunates as there was another devastating Tornado around 1998. This should be a wakeup call that lightening does in fact strike more than once in the same place! Presetene {President} Obama will reverse this and have those Oklahoma Homies back in their homes in nothing flat.


Hawkeye has a dear friend or two or three from that area and he wished them well and a safe return to their dwellings. This is said to have nothing to do with Global warming.


We need to get back to Fracking and Drilling in order to get America independent of its Arab Allies from oil. In case of a war, they would cut off our oil supply in a heartbeat folks. That’s just the way it is!   With that being said, see ya next week!


Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor