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Hawkeye: Forever Young

“Happiness is a very small desk and a very big wastebasket!”A happy Saturday to all friends & Fans of Hawkeye as we continue to tread through life as we have found it.Life is a big “Box of Birds” at time folks, and after that it begins to get rather confusing. Since Hawkeye has discontinued his annual journeys to his beloved “Fair Haven,” he finds himself dependent on himself, which is a good thing.Hawkeye, of course depends on Sweet Leanor for everything therefore eliminating the need for the Trips to Fair Haven!Hawkeye has observed many positive changes in Hooterville over the past couple of weeks, namely the condition of the most traveled roads in the greater Tafuna area.Hail to the chief for the efforts that have been applied, and hail to all involved, including Public Works for making the impossible seem like a walk in the park.Hawkeye’s question is this: why did we all have to suffer the despicable road conditions before Governor Lolo took the reins of office? Hawkeye will say this much for the LOLO ADMINISTRATION folks. They are holding up to their campaign promises. This is one good reason that Hawkeye voted for Lolo in the first place!Lolo has observed his former competition, and placed them in cabinet positions that they are best suited. He has taken some very able Deputy Directors and placed them in director’s positions including that of Public Works. Let’s keep a good thing going folks so we can all remain “Forever Young!” We can remain “Forever Young” with the lack of headaches that we have to tolerate with our local Government. Let’s get behind, and remain behind Governor Lolo and his able staff of wonder workers! Over.Speaking of wonder-workers Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor watched “Alexander” for the first time on Saturday last.Hawkeye can certainly relate to the reasoning behind his being called; “Alexander the Great!” This guy would have put most of our modern Movers & Shakers to shame! He had is army behind him all the way, but he hit a slight snag when he encountered a bunch of Indians on Elephants, with Bows & Arrows! This was barbaric warfare at its peak. Perhaps when we are all forced to relinquish our guns, we will find the need to revert back to this sort of warfare, or just plain live in a completely peaceful world! Hawkeye likes the latter idea best, so he will henceforth create a crusade for world peace, right after we have achieved this in the good old USA!Speaking of world peace, Hawkeye has learned that our present Administration in Amedikan, (America) has flat out contributed to world peace, and more pointedly peace in the Middle East. While we could just simply accept the fact that Middle East Peace is just not meant to be, we went ahead and donated 20 Each F-16 Jet Fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! This is definitely a step in the right direction, especially if we continue to disown the State of Israel, and continue to ignore the fact that Iran has their sights set in the Middle Eastern Countries!Enuff on this subject as it is downright sickening! We need to keep every modern weapon that we own at home and be ever prepared to protect the Fatherland from harm potentionally Caused by such Pipsqueak, Rogue Nations as North Korea, Iran, and Africa. The bottom line is that we need to support Israel as it is the only true ally that we have in that region. We can forget Iraq. Even though we contributed 4,000 plus American Lives there, and countless dollars in support, they are still aligned with Iran even more so than when we thought we were their liberators!Iran has been using Iraqi air space to deliver goods and weapons to the Syrian Butcher, Assad “What’s-his-name,” since that war started. The president that we installed in Iraq to keep the home fires burning is in fact an Iranian! Over!And then bringing it back home, there is Piers Morgan who replaced Larry King Live on CNN.This person by all rights needs to be deported back to his native country of Merry Old England. As a matter of fact, there was a petition that circulated in the White House to do just that! This guy comes to the air waves bringing what he knows; belligerence, arrogance, disrespect, and downright bull-st!He has made himself the Champion of Gun Control in America. By his own admission, he has graced our shores with his crap for six years, which to Hawkeyes Knowledge is not long enough to gain US Citizenship! Therefore he is still an alien and could be deported without too much effort on the part of “I.C.E.!”That Yachter who was lashing out at our local weather station after the last close call with Cyclone Gary should by all means put himself up against Carol and the troops. Hawk is betting that they would make him look like a Cub Scout!With that, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will go off and enjoy the cool weather, thanks to the L.P. Trough that was donated by the Fijians’!Love to all,Hawk & Leanor.