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Hawkeye: Estete ob da Union

“Our Remedies oft in ourselves do die.” (Willie Shakespeare)

“When all other means of communication fail, try using words.” (Hawkeye)

Good day to all friends, fans, loyal readers, and “Whatnots” of Hawkeye on this another great day in Wonderland.

For the most part, Hawkeye ignores all the doomsday nonsense. He is now in a business where the odds of ever earning a living are a zillion to one, so Hawkeye knows it can be done. Hawk also knows that the impossible can become possible! Hawkeye likes to make an attempt to think positive in these uncertain times fans and with odds of a Zillion to one, it does require a large degree of positive thinking.

Hawkeye watched the State of the Union Address in its entirety on Tuesday afternoon on channel 08. One would come away from that speech trying to figure out exactly where we are going to cough all of the required positive thinking..Humm. But, this is just Hawkeye's opinion and not to be misconstrued with true gospel. Over. Hawkeye is getting rather tired of the Primaries in the US of A and he cannot wait for the race for Kovana of Happyville to come forth and give us what it is that he, or she claims to have. For certain, the playing field is becoming larger by the day, and may the best team win!

Keeping with History, Hawkeye will not endorse one candidate or another until he wanders in to the polling station of residency. The first thing that Hawkeye will check out before he makes up his mind to vote, is the quality, and quantity of the plate lunch that is offered. Hawkeye, being an early riser will be looking at breakfast for both he, and Sweet Leanor. Once this has been established, this is the Candidate he will vote for. Hey, look at it this way: it’s better than flinging a hand full of M&M’S and seeing who gets hit with the most! But, all kidding aside fans, hopefully by the time we are about to enter the poll booths, we would have already learned enough from campaign speeches, debates, and “Roadside Begging” sessions to know about who you will vote for before you enter the booth!

Sometimes Hawkeye wonders if we are going forward, backwards, or just spinning our wheels. Hawkeye has packages missing in the Mail from early December, but the postal service people are Solly.

There are local banks that have trouble getting a simple check order correct. But consider all the inconvenience this causes the patron, and Solly don’t get it when the customers you have depending on that service fails you! But, these are the things that will surely be straightened out later on in the New Year, and not likely to re-occur later on in the New Year. After all, we are sorry, and it won’t happen again. Over… But we are dealing with the best of the best, overseen by the almighty Palagi, and as far as Hawkeye is concerned, it should not have happened in the first place! Something goes sour with your order, and when you go back to complain here’s what you often get: I’m Sorry, He, or She did not come to work today, and there is no one else to attend to your needs. Please come back tomorrow. {Ok, but before I drive all the way to town from the west side, I will call you and ask if he or she is at work tomorrow!} “Oh, you can’t do dat cuse I gonna call in seek tomorrow…” And there we have it folks. Whatever happened to good old fashioned loyalty in the work place? And for that matter, whatever happened to good old fashioned customer satisfaction? We gotta get a handle on this before our processes take complete recesses folks! Things are bound to go awry in the work place from time to time, but there is such a thing called follow-up! Handle it! Then often we hear: “Da Boss won’t let me?” Allow Hawkeye a few minutes with the boss discussing employ/customer etiquette, and see where we go from there. Unfortunately, the answer you get when you ask to see the boss is: I’m sorry, she is in a meeting. Hawkeye's question is: why does the boss pick the meeting times just when Hawkeye enters and asks the question? Sound familiar? Huh?

Now, Hawkeye promised to let you know how the Book, “THE OBAMAS” is doing now that Hawk is nearly finished reading it. While the book is well written by Jodi Kantor, Hawkeye sees nothing derogatory towards the Obama Family one way or another. Hawk does not regret purchasing the book, or reading the book, and would highly recommend it as a genuine page turner! Jodi Kantor definitely did her research, making this book a work of Non-fiction.

Hawkeye’s next literary choice will be “THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION” by Michelle Malikin.  {If the Postal Service doesn’t send it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!}

And that is about it for this time folks. Keep your Chariots Greased, and your Chickens Choked for the wild ride out yonder!

Love & Hugs until next week,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor