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Hawkeye: Down the middle

“Sometimes everything seems ‘Yucky’ but when you put it all together life is really a wonderful treat.”

That’s the way it is in greater Wonderland on this fine Saturday morning as we all live and breathe as homo-sapiens.

Hawkeye would like this opportunity to comment on a couple of comments that appeared in the June 9th Column. Hawkeye has been accused of being guilty of a lot of things in his life, however being ‘Wishy Washy’ is not one of them.

Hawkeye is meant to be taken within the context of ‘satiric’ material for the most part, and the average reader will definitely determine that Hawkeye has a serious side especially when it comes to humanity. Hawk will leave it at that, and he will continue to enjoy the many positive comments that he permits himself to read, and at the same time exercise his right to ignore those that he may feel offensive.

 Long time readers of the Hawkeye column will note, and agree that Hawkeye does not change his overall outlook on life, and or his style of writing. In the interim, keep reading the Samoa News and of course, ‘Hawkeye!’

When we get right down to the brass tacks of it, the world economic situation is in a royal mess. Whether you be “Right Wing” or a “Left Wing” politician, this fact remains. The real problem facing we as citizens is how do we plan to milk our way back to the Golden years that we have all enjoyed economically since the end of the Big One, “WW-II?”

Hawkeye has said it once and he will say it again; the U.S. Economy has historically been based on conflict. We have kept millions of our citizens employed by keeping up with our military requirements, both as armed servants, and civil servants alike.

We are presently planning to use military cut backs as a means of cutting our national debt. At the same time, we have actually increased our government spending. We have been at war for the past decade which has cost us dearly both monetarily as well as the loss of so many of our loved ones who have been struck down in battle.

[We did not ask for this war.] It was wreaked upon us by Terroristic Groups who did then and do to this day have one agenda; [Kill Americans.]

We will never be rid of this enemy that has infested so much of our very society that we are attempting to protect. If protecting ourselves from the enemy within is a sin, Hawkeye will opt for the high road of self preservation any day of the week.  We could also improve on our un-employment problems by re-instating the Draft. This will be financed by increasing our Defense Budget while at the same time cutting back drastically on the way we are presently dumping Tupe, [Money] down the sewer.

One of the first examples to be set should be to Park Air Force One & Two, and Cut with the Brazen Lavish Parties that are currently being thrown at the White House. While we are at it we need to get someone that knows a little bit about what Freedom means when we come down to issuing Freedom medals to People like Bob Dylan?

Granted, Bob Dylan is one of Hawkeyes Favorites, and Hawk still listens to his music along with that of Joan Baez etc, etc, but when it comes down to freedom awards, give them to the Widows and Husbands who lost their partners in the wars from 1776 to present! [This is Hawkeyes testament to Fathers Day.]

Hawkeye’s Book of the month pick is “The Amateur” by Edward Klein. A sobering read of  “Non-fiction” Genre, is covers some of the characters who are at the helm of our great ship of state! Backed by over 200 interviews with people such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and others close to the first family, qualifies this book as a must read page turner.

As usual, Hawkeye does most of his reading from the smallest room of his Abode!

It is good to know that we have banned Roadside Begging, and have now replaced it with Wheelbarrow Marches. This is one up front means of collecting raw Tupe for well Intended causes such as the support of our young athletes.

Where have all the Potholes gone? Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor have opted to cut their trips to the greater downtown area due to the road conditions in general. Where has all the Tupe gone for the Highway Maintenance? Hawkeye not know, but would be more than willing to listen should someone have a realistic answer.

At the risk of beating a dead mule, Hawkeye will give the potential alien situation a break for this Issue. But when Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor happen to pass you up with their Chariots of fire on their accent into the universe on the evening of December 21st, 2012, never say that Hawk did not tell ya so!

With that fans, Love to all until next week,

From Hawkeye & Leanor.