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Hawkeye: Down every road

“Anger is the only thing that you should put off until tomorrow.”

Happy days to all friends and fans out there in “Jingle-Land.”

Hawkeye calls it Jingle-Land because we are all floating along just like we haven’t a care in the world. When we are all this happy, it must be a sign that we all have plenty of Jingle in our pockets, and in the Hooterville Banks.

Just remembering what the Country/Western Singer, “Merle Haggard” wrote: “Down every road, there is always one more city.” Hawkeye has often times wondered if this applies to we wonderful citizens of Hooterville, what with living in an island community surrounded by water and all…Humm..

Now: at the risk of pissing off every negative critic of Hawkeye, Hawk definitely believes that we should keep away from the crisis in Syria: While we are at it, we should not meddle in the affairs of the Egyptians either! First and foremost, we cannot afford participation in another war. America must back up and re-group in order to maintain its strength once again.

America is still the leader of the pack fans, and let us not for once forget that. The Euro is in the sewer, and this could topple the world financial markets if we were to permit it. Hawkeye for one Homo-sapien is betting that we will not.

People in Italy, Greece, and other parts of the world, {The U.S. included} are committing suicide by the numbers. This is breaking the records in the world history books folks.

The main reason is that individual heads of families can no longer meet their debts due to the simple fact that they no longer have jobs, and have mortgaged everything up to and often as not, including the family dog!

Then come the debt collectors: they pass themselves off as collection agents whereas they are in essence just plain old gutter wallowing thugs who are being paid by governments, State and Federal as well as private sector lenders. They no longer have cars to re-possess as this is done up front. There is no longer a Home to Re-possess as this was done in the early stages of the recession/depression. They go after the debtor’s in such un-orthodox fashions that the debtor has nowhere to turn. He then opts for the easy way out: Suicide!

This does not paint a rosy picture for the immediate family of the poor bastard that has toiled hard all of his life in order to maintain the presence of a “Proud Person.” He has managed to beat the odds, and has managed to provide for his family in that they could appear to be “Keeping up with the Jones!” But when all is lost, there is nothing to be saved but a proud face. When this is completely un-attainable, there is but one way to go: Out!

It is a crying shame that the good citizens of the world orders such as the organized religious groups cannot get together to ban this sort of treatment of debtors throughout the globe! Get these Bullying Debt collectors to lay off our neighbor, and ask the facility that is holding the mortgage to the guys’ house, and the bank that is holding the financing of his new car to work with him. Sooner or later the poor fellow/lady will either find a lower paying job, or recoup the job that he has been laid off of for years.

The bottom line is that the debtors for the most part did not default on purpose. When they are in a financial situation that they could begin to pay back their debts in lower payments and interest rates, sooner or later the debts will be satisfied, and the debtor’s will lose thought of “Offing Themselves” and the world can slowly get back to the real business and joy of living! Over.

Now Syria has shot down one of Turkeys Fighter Planes. Turkey told Assad of Syria: “You better watch that s#*t! We will have to see what turns out over this one fans. Perhaps the Turkish Plane was shot down by a Russian Jet? Should this be the case, we will allow Russia to clean up the mess! While we are at it we should entertain the thought of taking away the “Un-Manned Drones” that are being used to randomly kill Women and Chillen of foreign lands. This is like a child with a new TV Game folks. I wanna get that guy. Ya ‘all do that fo me! These Drones will never take the place of feet on the ground when it comes to warfare. (Just ask Osama-Ben-Laden!) (Or one of his surviving widows…Humm.)

It is political season once again fans. Open season on all who have decided to run for Political Positions throughout the good old USA. It can only get better from here on in fans. We local Homie’s have some good names in the hat! Hawkeye will stick with the one that offers “New York Steak” at the Barbeque! Quality food means a quality administration!

And that ought to do it until next week. Do keep the faith and take it one day at a time.

Love: Hawk & Leanor.