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Hawkeye: Countdown

“Each of us must make our own way, and when we do, that way will express the universal way.”

Good Day and a fine Saturday to all friends and loyal friends & Readers of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye has been enjoying his premium time working at his Part Time Job, and most of all spending premium time with his Sweet Leanor.

It is really nice to be able to get up in the morning, get a cup of Coffee, knowing that Hawkeye need not run in to the office and listen to Bull-sh*t that is coming from approximately 6,000-9,000 miles away as the crow flies.

When the Crow Flies, the Sh&t flies with the Crow who really must deposit it on someone’s head on the way, or provide lots of “Fish Food!”

So: now we can only guess what is on Hawkeyes mind on this Wonderful Day In Hooterville! 

This is still the B.P.O.E. to be lucky enough to reside, and we as residents must not forget to thank our creator, [The Kovana,] for making it all possible! Over..

The local political Campaigns have been unusually quiet for this political Season. The Campaign signs are all neatly installed at a respectable distance from the traveled portion of “Life’s Highway.” The usual Campaign Bickering has not thus far been heard, and in general has been “Downright Civil” in nature.

Not so for the Political Race for Presenite of the US of “A!” These Guys are spreading “Stink” about each other at a pace which is nearly impossible to keep up with.

Hawkeye for one thinks that we should do away with the Electoral College Vote, and stick with the votes from the people to decide the winner of the race.

Arnoldie Swartsnagieria has certainly been making the rounds of late. He was on 60 Minute on Sunday doing a tell all through lots of tears all about his unfaithful wife having an affair with the Super Ugly House Girl.. Then he showed his super Mercedes “Auto/Truck” which could have cost plenty. He was not shy to tell the audience that he was filthy rich, and had more Tupe, [Money] than he knew what to do with. Hawkeye has often wished that he had Arnies Problems except for the affair with the Homosexual Yard Boy!

Then we watched Arnie once again on the Daily Show with the not so Funny “Jon Stewart” who could have doubled for the Homosexual Yard Boy! Humm.. Ok.

We are all excited over who will win the Presidential Debates that is going down on Wednesday, whenever and if ever our FNC Cable Provider decides to air the debates in Wonderland. We will have to sit on Channel 15 and listen to The Same old Commercial filmed somewhere up on “Signal Hill” amid all the Oil Wells. This is of the Ladies who are making their debut as entertainers. Oh well, we will just have to keep our eyes crossed in hopes that we can catch the debates. Over..

We as intelligent Homo-sapiens must learn to be patient, and learn to cope with these minor defugildies. We must set examples for future generations, Friends & Foes alike..

As Siosi “Da Kin” Walkah Bush once said: “The Torch has been passed!”

And the beat goes on with the killer Potholes. Hawkeye hates to beat a dead horse, but this has got to stop! On the other hand, Hawkeye also realizes that The Department of Public Works has the situation well in hand. That is enough for Hawkeye to recommend that all fans sleep tite tonight! Our Department of Public Works is awake!





This by rights should be a “No Brainer.” But it seems as though just when the Animal Population were getting their rightful due, we were told that we were on the list, and that we would be called to have our Feline Spayed. So, we patiently waited, and waited, and then we finally watched on the evening News that we will keep waiting!

Now, Hawk & Sweet Leanor will be waiting when our beautiful little Kitty is all grown up, and drops a litter of Kittens at our door! These Kittens will also get the itch, get scratched, and there will be other Kitties on the doorstep of the “ABODE!”

Charge a fair fee for the operation of the Veterinary Clinic, collect the fees, and pay a real Veterinary Dr. that wants to reside in Paradise.

Let’s hear it from our local Humane Society! Over!

Well, as expected, Sarah Palin won the debates again folks. Tune in again next time!

The Republican Party should have her out there on the stump!

Folks, do take care of each other until next week. Take care of the Senior Citizens, as if you are lucky, you will one day become one! Watch out for floating Icebergs when entering the Harbor of life.

Keep the Chariots at the ready for December 21st, 2012!

With love from Hawk & Sweet Leanor.