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Hawkeye: Clinging to the home-front

“If you don’t like the news, go out and make some!” [Hawkeye]

Good Saturday to friends, and loyal readers alike.

Hawkeye is here to tell you that the “Endangered Species” [The Tourists] are no longer on the endangered species list in greater Wonderland. Hawkeye never seen so many palagis in one place since he has had the privilege of residing in Paradise!

Three Cruise Ships literally back to back and two more after that! This is amazing fans!

Governor Robinson must be beside himself after such accomplishments towards a greater Tourism Industry.

Malo to the office of tourism and please keep up the good work.

Hawkeye had compooper problems this week which cost an Arm & a Leg to get rid of the virus. This is terrible, especially after having spent the other “Arm & Leg” on an antivirus update.

Hawk supposes the old answer of reporting scams to the better business bureau has grown obsolete.

While we are on the subject of better business, the good folks who are in the business of selling Cellular Phones should issue instructions as to how to use them.

Hawkeye sees older homo and younger homos alike speaking into their phones, and then moving the instrument up to their ear to listen. Someone should tell these homosapiens that their nice new phones can be used just like the old outdated Receiver Type Phones. You can speak and listen without moving the Instrument from Ear to Mouth, and Visa Versa.. Humm. On the other hand it is quite cute to watch as you are sitting in the sidewalk Cafes of Hooterville..

There still seems to be two major remarks coming from the mouths of the “CRUISE SHIP TOURIST’S.” Why so much Rubbish, and why so many stray animals? These are both good questions to which Hawkeye certainly has no answers. If they think that is ridiculous, they should pay a visit to the falemai [Sick House],Apocalypse Over… But Hawkeye still believes that this Wonderland Paradise is still the best place to live in the whole wide world. Therefore we should endeavor to protect our beautiful close knit community by voting in the right local politicians this time around. Go in to that Polling Station with your heart on the pointed end of your pens! Take your own Pen folks, not the ones that can be erased! Thus, keeping the honest Homos Honest!

Now, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were watching the FNC on Monday Morning last, and Megan Kelley had this guy on that was in to the Doomsday Apocalypse.  Not only is the guy an inventor of the ShovCrowmaddox, which is an all purpose survival tool, and can be easily folded up to fit in to your Back-pack. The guy also invented a compact weapon which cost him half of his thumb on his right hand. [He was optimistic though as he told Mrs. Kelley that he had a full thumb left on his left hand.] [Right: until he invents another compact weapon!]

There is thousands of Homo-sapiens roaming the wilderness with enough weaponry to start WWIII. These people are haters of everything free Homo-sapiens stand for. They like to be known as [“White Supremacist”] who probably didn’t even love their Mamma’s! These are the ones who lay around all day doing drugs and smoking “Wacky Bacci” while at the same time planning their next move on an unsuspecting weapons ketch at some Military Compound! These are the ones who hate any race including their own. These are the Homos that never will fit into modern society. These are for the most part: “DOOMSDAY PHILOSOPHERS!”  Let's hope that we never need to depend on these idiots to come to our rescue during an “Alien Invasion!”

This is only more living proof that they are out there just waiting and watching to make their move. [The Alien’s] not [The Skinheads]

What we need to do is to gather all of the Hate Groups in the United States, Load them all on a Cargo Ship headed for the Middle East, and land them somewhere east of Suez. Point them in the right direction, and with all of their pent up energy, unleash them on our potential enemies there in Iraq which is fast becoming an Iranian Estete. [State] Turn them loose against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard; fly a few of them to Syria, Egypt, and other trouble spots that come to mind.

Give them gas for their Harleys, And a few spears to chuck at our potential enemies in places such as N. Korea, Kharg Island Terminal, and parts south.

This is the answer to our prayers folks, and turn loose Sarah Palin and John Bolton to command the unorganized task farce! See how easily solved the problems plaguing our leaders of the free world are these days fans. All we need do is pull together against each other and we are sure to Whine instead of Win!

Hawkeye was trying to do a “TIMMY TEBOW” Prayer Stance the other day in the Carport, and he wrenched his back outta kilter. Sweet Leanor said that is lucky for Hawkeye that he did not actually attempt to play football!

All for today folks, “C” Ya next week!

Hawk & Leanor.