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Hawkeye: Changing Times

“We must be willing to get rid of the life that we have planned, so as to have the life that awaits us.”


As Hawkeye recalls, he had readers from “KOKOMO” a few years back. He has not been in communication with the readers of KOKOMO due to a violent computer crash which left Hawkeye without most of his address book.


The point is that KoKomo was hit by a Tornado, and Hawkeye wishes his readers well from that area and hopes that they weren’t hit too hard by the weather conditions. Please do send Hawkeye a comment to let him know that all is ok in KoKomo.


And speaking of the violent weather conditions that hit parts of the Philippines, Hawkeye understands that the aid is being distributed in a more organized manner. This in spite of looters, armed gangs, and wagon burners! And moving right along to the City of Washington Illinois, this city was literally flattened with a visit from another killer Tornado that touched down over this town over the weekend of 16-17 November of 2013!


Hawkeye feels for these people and hopes them the best under the circumstances. Over. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Hawkeye will remind us all here in “Dogpatch” once again to “GEAR UP” for the Tropical Cyclone Season that we are now in. We can never be prepared enough when we are dealing with an ever changing world. Hawkeye hears that there is an Iceberg that has broken away and is now a threat to the sea ways. This is bad news fans, and Hawkeye hopes that the new Titanic will miss this gigantic Iceberg while she is on her way to New York City from Southampton in the USSR.


We have certainly learned a lot about Mayor Ford of The great city of Toronto Canada these days. One thing is for certain; The Mayor likes to party hearty!


His popularity seems to have soared to new heights with most likely a new wave of young supporters! They are sure that if their present Mayor has to defend his title in the next election, he will win hands down from all of his latest new voting bases. While Hawkeye don’t think that Mayor Ford is setting a good example for the young folks, he does seem to be gaining in overall popularity! Hum.


Hawkeye is patiently awaiting the delivery of his copy of “Sweatshops In Paradise” written by Virginia Sudbury. Hawkeye knew Mrs. Sudbury but never knew that she was penning a masterpiece pertaining to the by now Global News Piece, Dawoosa Sewing Factory. Hawkeye recalls that there was one Korean who bit the bullet on that one, but never was there any further investigation as to who shot John from the inside. Perhaps Mrs. Sudbury will elaborate a little bit further for our edification, entertainment, and downright Amazement. Being both the author of the book, and the attorney on the case, this could prove interesting.


Humm. At the risk of beating a dead Horse, Hawkeye has ordered a copy of another Masterpiece By Jessie Ventura and Dick Russell. This one is called; “63 Documents that the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read.” This should prove interesting at best.


Of course while you happen to be browsing on Amazon, you can scout up Books by Doug Harrington, who just happened to have published three. Over.


Hawkeyes Books are somewhat similar to Hawkeyes Column in that the writing has a tendency to overflow in to the Sewer. This is where the reading gets good folks.


There were two of Hawkeye and Sweet Leanors friends who happened to grace the shores of Wonderland for one Short day. This was however a day to be remembered and Hawkeye will forever wish these fine people the best that life has to offer. Hello to Francis and Jimmy Stribling of Albuquerque New Mexico. It twas nice having you visit Dogpatch!


The world does in fact get rather small when we least expect it. If it gets any smaller, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor can afford a walk to South Eastern Pennsylvania and visit what is left of Hawkeye’s Family. If the world continues to get smaller, we will walk from Paradise to the Philippines to visit Sweet Leanors family. Humm. As a matter of fact, we will be able to take the Cats and the Dog, “Blackie!” He can show off his new Dog Tag to every stray animal on the road between Hooterville and Delta Pennsylvania!


Folks, as Hawkeye mentioned earlier, do have your pets spayed and or neutered. It is the right thing to do, and they will thank you for it in their own little ways. We now have a long awaited Veterinarian, so let’s take advantage of a good thing. Some Homo-sapien e-mailed Hawkeye last week telling him that he spelled Lamborghini wrong. All Hawkeye has to say about this is that it is living proof that S&#T really does happen, and it will most likely happen again. If Hawk were ever rich enuff to own a $750,000 Lumberdeney He wouldn’t worry about spellin it!


Love until next week from:


Sweet Leanor & Hawkeye


(Disclaimer: This column or commentary does not necessarily reflect the views of Samoa News.)