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Hawkeye: The Changes are here

“Even if we cannot be happy, we must always be cheerful!”

Good day to all fine friends and loyal readers of Hawkeye. Here’s hoping that all is well with Hooterville. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor are tickled pink over the new appointments that are emerging from the first Lolo Administration. Above all, Hawkeye read with pleasure the Nomination of the new ASPA Board of Directors. This is a change long overdue.

We must step in to the Cow pile slowly in order not to get our feet muddy.

Hawkeye remembers a favorite saying from one of our trail blazers of history, “Be sure you’re right, and then go ahead.” This was spewed from the voice box of non other that the great Daniel T. Boon of Lexington County Kentucky. {Just before a Huge Brown Bear attacked him and dropped him off at the Alamo which was all the way to Texas. He then went on to become famous as one of the Hero’s killed by General Santa Anna Lopez de Santa Anna who was more or less one of the leading power brokers of American History. The bottom line is that Taniello T. Boon made his mark in US History, and exited through the back door of life as we know it.

Hawkeye is pleased to see Whitehorn Construction along with Paramount Builders out there on the Airport road making driving more of a pleasure for us the fine Motoring Citizenry of Wonderland. Hawkeye wishes them all the best in completing that stretch of Road between the Airport and the main intersection by the route one corridor. At the risk of seeming like a know it all, and at the risk of redundancy, Hawkeye will once again say that in his Humble opinion that the Local Roads should be re-surfaced with Concrete.

Concrete cracks, but with the proper maintenance can be usable for many years to come. Due to the Inclement Weather in Wonderland, namely Rain, Asphalt will simply not hold up under the heavy Traffic. Every major road of concrete in the USA has cracks but you will seldom, if ever see potholes. The Road by the Stadium is of concrete and has gone nearly 12 years literally without maintenance. Still there are no killer potholes, only unmaintained cracks. The root cause of cracking in Concrete roads is due to the lack of proper maintenance. When a crack appears in the concrete, it must be filled with hot tar. This in turn will allow the rainwater to be diverted to the drainage instead of seeping through the cracks and undermining the compacted material that acts as the road bed. This may take a bit longer to construct, and may cause a little more inconvenience to motorists, but once finished and allowed to cure for the specified time, we will have roads that need only T.L.C. from time to time. {Without Pot Holes} The concrete should be approximately eight inches thick without rebar or revetment utilized as support.

“Think Concrete”

Now that we have solved another problem, moves us a bit further along to the ASG Shipyard Authority. Hawkeye spent two years at the shipyard under the private sector lessee. Over the years he saw the Shipyard head quickly in to the dirt.

This is a prime example of “If it ain’t Broke, Don’t fix it!” It is a fact that the Yard has improved immensely over the past couple of years with the leadership that is now in place. The boat owners are the ones to talk to for advice on our shipyard. Stand back and allow good things to happen instead of hopping off the Deep end just to see if we could jump!

We have a nice Administration taking shape that has been absent over the past few years. Now is not the time to Bitch, Moan, or Quibble, but instead, get on board the train and ride. One employee of a Semi Autonomous Authority told Hawkeye that he intends to do his job, and if he can give it 100% plus, he will do it. He fully intends to take what is put his way, and cooperate to the fullest. Hawkeye admires this young man for his loyalty to his Job. His bosses seem to have similar attitudes which will keep the Butter churning away, and the Pigs feet a-pickling!

Hawkeye patted the individual on the back and told him that if everyone had his attitude that we would all be on the “Pigs Back!”  [He wondered about the pickled Pigs Feet if we were riding on the Pigs Back.] How can you ride a pig with all four feet missing? Got Hawkeye. Over.

As Hawkeye has said many times in the past: If ya don’t like Wonderland, the Planes fly in both directions. Keep the Home Fires a Burning and get on the wagon with the New Administration and give it a shot! Kudos to the American Samoa Power Authority for keeping the lights on!

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will close it out for another Glee Filled week in Paradise! Keep your ears tuned to the weather Stations for weather warnings. After all, it is the Cyclone Season!

Love to all until next week,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor