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Hawkeye: Breathing Easier

“Conscience is the inner voice that tells you the IRS might check your return!”

Now that the elections are over for another two years, we can all breath a little easier.

Those of us who celebrated our candidates winning still have a right to whine if they wish. Those with their candidates losing should by all means still rejoice as there has been enough whining and sniveling for the past couple of months. After all, we cannot call it 100% every time folks..

Take the winnings and Losses with a grain of salt and move on with positive attitudes. Change is good where change is needed, but the new administration need not attempt to create all the changes in the first couple of days of the reign. They must back up and consider the wishes of the people and in doing so should by all means remember the promises made during the Campaigns.

There happens to be room for everyone at the top fans, as we are all winners here in Paradise!

There was no big de appetizing feast at the Hawkeye & Leanor household over the Thanksgiving Holiday. It has been so hot here of late that it has caused Hawkeye to break out his copy of the King James Bible, and sort through the book of Revelations. The global warming thingy is one thing, but those 4 headed horses with the Martian Riders hailing from the Heavens leaves Hawkeye in wonderment! He wonders first what kind of pipes they were smoking when they saw all of these things coming from the Heavens! Hawkeye reads through this and comes to one conclusion: it is ok to dream and share nightmares, but could we keep them somewhat realistic?

There were times in Hawkeyes drinking days when he thought he was seeing “Two Headed” Horses, and “Six Legged” Billy Goats coming after him! The problem with these visions was that they were absent the fiery chariots mentioned in Revelations. During this most recent of reads through Revelations Hawkeye is seeking to locate a Subway, or an Amtrak that could provide a smoother ride in to the universe at the end of days on December 21st, 2012. This is only a few days’ away fans, and if we are ever going to be made believers, we should by all means begin now and get a “Jump” on it! Over.

Revelations has a tendency to make Hawkeye compare it with “Fair Haven.”

Hawkeye sees some pretty ridiculous s%#t on his visits to Fair Haven. As a matter of fact, by the time Hawkeye finishes reading the “Book of Revelations,” he will surely be ready for another trip to “Fair Haven” for an updated mind flush! He will be sure to wait until December 22nd 2012 before making his next pilgrimage to “Fair Haven.” Over. There is some fine Homo-sapiens there at “Fair Haven” folks. None of them have names, but they have all seen at one time of another most of the animals mentioned in Revelations! Hawkeye will agree with one fact of life. It has been hotter than the Hinges of Hell itself here of late.

Hawk doesn’t know that we are breaking any heat records, but it has been next to unbearable. Hawkeye never thought the day would ever come that he wished for a downpour. Now he wishes for this on a daily basis, all day long! The hard rains have a genuine tendency to cool off the old Fale (Hooch) a little bit on a hot afternoon. It seems as though the A/C has little to no effect on the afternoon temperatures! Over.

It is likely to be snowing in about three months as the Ice Caps drift slowly towards Hooterville. Hawkeye has thought for years that a Roller Skating Rink would be a good investment in Wonderland. Today, he has his doubts. He will invest in Ice Skates! Just thinking about it makes the intense heat more bearable. In those days, Traveling was very dangerous :} There were “Gigantic Moa,” who would come along and Kook you, then they would ate you up! One elderly lady asked Hawkeye the other day what was happening with the investigation on the Deceased Guy that was found in the Stream at Matu’u. Hawkeye said: “I dun-no: ask da Powice!”Hawkeye wants to take Sweet Leanor to the “Red Rabistah” for their Anniversary Dinner. Hawkeye hopes the Duty Limo Driver is awake! Hawkeye will also order a side dish of “French Fried Frog Legs!” For Desert, Hawk & Leanor will have “Rhubarb Pie” with a double dip of “Licorice Ice Cream!” That ought to do it huh fans? Hawkeye is all excited over the prospects of Samoa Air getting their paperwork in order just in time to fly a contingent to Manua to play Golf on the new course, and dine in the Restaurant of the new 500 room Hotel! This will be even better when we get the Casino’s up and running like a “Flue Infested Nose!” The future is looking brighter all the time folks!

Until Next Week,

Love from,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor