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Hawkeye: Being a Senior Citizen

“The most promising words ever written on the maps of human knowledge are “terra incognita,”—unknown Territory.” (Daniel J. Boorstin, Historian)

Good day to all fine friends, and Homos alike.  What a fine week leading up to another wonderful Flag Day Celebration. Every flag was flying “Right-Side Up, and laden with pride that we have all become so accustomed to. May we never see the day that we take our Flag for Granite. This is a staple of our history, and must be preserved throughout the years to come, in that we can teach our grandchrillin what it means to be free, and how we arrived at that freedom.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were visiting KFC the other evening, and after they had decided what they wanted, it was time to pay the piper. The nice ladies behind the counter rang up our orders and then informed us that there was a 10% discount for one of the meals. Hawkeye, right away decided that this discount must have been for Sweet Leanor. The lady said, No, the Discount is for your being a Senior Citizen. Hawkeye was flattered that the Lady recognized Hawkeye as a Senior Citizen without asking him for an ID. Hawkeye looks so young when he is with Sweet Leanor that he nearly passes for 18. Folks, it never hurts to dream!

Hawkeye will be able to enjoy his senior citizen discount on our new tram ride, and on the shoreline tourist train that will soon be circling Hooterville. Perhaps all of this will happen when Frogs have tails, and chickens have lips!

The un-official Fautausi Race on Saturday was impressive at best. Especially the Start! Hawkeye has watched the start of 27 Races and has yet to see one that has been undisputed! Over. The Rowers were all very impressive. Nuuuli as usual were at their polished best, and showed what Team Work, Training and Discipline can produce! Anyway, Hawkeye & Leanor were watching the race on their brand new 42in. “Plat-Screen TB!

Moving ahead to The Fautausi race of Monday, Hawkeye congratulates his friend Capt. Mitch and their well disciplined crew for the win. Hawkeye wishes them well in the actual race for the gold!

Hawkeye was not only excited over the very moving speech by Ex-Kovana of the Great State of Massatuchess Mitt Romley, but then along came Hawkeyes favorite guy in all Political circles, Ex-Ambassador to the United Nations and motivational speaker, John Bolton. He definitely brought the house down by his speech, but could possibly lead some to believe that he could be the next Vice President of the United States in a Romnaley cabinet. As a matter of fact he (Bolton) said as much in an interview. He said that while he doesn’t awaken each morning in anticipation of getting a call from Mitt, he would certainly consider a V/P run with Mitt.  This moving and awakening speech was delivered to the members of the NRA. (National Rainmakers Association.) This also means that Bolton likes guns. Likes to hunt. Etc. He has declared to hunt and kill only what he and his family can eat at one setting… He comes from a long line of “Hunter/Gather’s.” This endearing speech was given in St. Louis III in the State of Woods Hole Wyoming.!

Bolton also mentioned that we are heading in to a Tail Spin type of decline in our National Defenses. If we remain on the path that we are now heading down, we will no longer be a world “Super Power!” Should this become the case, we will need to start teaching Farsi, North Korean Mango, Siberian Russian, Syrian, Arabic, Jive, and Brooklyneese in our schools. English will be an option.

Anyway, we shall see what the future holds for us, and Hawkeye will say it again: We are in the best place on planet earth when the cannons of WW-III begin to roar! We can all stick together like fecal matter to a baby blanket, and we shall survive anything that they choose to throw at us. (Whoever “They” are)

We, as Americans need to quit apologizing for what some little third world country is doing. Take Iran for instance. We apologize for being so tough on them in the face of their open promise to wipe Israel off the face of the earth!

Place ourselves in the shoes of the Israeli leadership: Here is a person that has openly promised to the world that he would wreak Havoc on the Israelites and the Americans.

He (Mammamoeimmianejadafard) is coming close to obtaining a nuclear warhead. One attack of this nature on Israel would not only wipe a race of Homo-sapiens off the face of the globe, but it will take a whole bunch of bystanders with it! We need to stop throwing Tupe, (Money) at those who hate us and start putting it back in to our National Defense, and that of the defense of Israel! Over.

On this happy note, Hawkeye will run off to be with Sweet Leanor.

Tofa and Love to all until next week.

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.