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Hawkeye: In The Beginning

“When life throws you a hot potato, deal with it.”


Talofa Lava to friends and fans of Hawkeye. Here we are, doing another great week in Paradise. It is the beginning of another week, and thus the beginning of a new set of trials and tribulations that we must all learn to deal with in our own individual way. Some Homo-sapiens handle the stresses of daily life different ways, but the end result is usually the same. Thus the beginning pulls the trigger to the end. It will take some of us longer to get there, depending on how we treat life on a daily if not on an hour to hour basis.


Hawkeye takes his life one day at a time and shares as much of that life that he can with his Sweet Leanor.


Hawkeye reads the comments on the various Hawkeye columns and the last two were definitely from Homo-sapiens that should pass over the Hawkeye column and of course read the rest of the contents of the Samoa News. As a constant reminder, Hawkeye should be taken with a grain of Masima! [Salt] Take its contents for what it is worth to you as an individual, and of course if the shoe fits, wear it. Over. Hawkeye is simply for your edification, entertainment, and downright amazement! Should Hawkeye begin in any way, shape or form to cause your blood pressure to elevate, by all means stop reading, and go see your family doctor! If you decide to continue reading Hawkeye, do so with an open mind and share it with a friend or neighbor. Should your neighbor happen to be illiterate, Read it to He or She all the while considering yourself lucky that you are able to read Hawkeye. Humm. But never take Hawkeye serious as you are likely to be disappointed.


Hawkeye don’t know what is happinin with all these crazy Homo-sapiens trying to kill their crazy counterparts. Hawkeye is referring to the senseless shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. This poor shootist claims to have heard voices in his head prior to his setting off on a rampage that cost 13 other Homos their lives. Perhaps the voices told him to use the weapons of choice, a “Glock Semi Automatic” and a AR15, which was a weapon of choice during the Vietnam Days. He was sane enough to know what to use that would do the most damage in a very short time. Hawkeye would suppose that the Shooter is right where he ought to be: Dead!


It must be getting towards time for the full moon fans. This is when the Lunatics reveal themselves. Often in suspicious, and brutal ways!


Hawkeye was not at any meetings pertaining to the “GRT” [Gross Receipt Tax] being proposed at present, but there were a whole bunch of Homo-sapiens dead set against it in both the private and public sectors. Bitching and complaining is not the answer. We must keep positive attitudes, and one means of doing this is by having our “Esteemed and Honorable Governor” have it put to the public vote. After all, the people are the ones who have to live with the “GRT” once it is put in to law, and the only fair and reasonable means of a settlement is to have a public vote!


The yay’s win and the Nay’s lose! By taking this course of action, everyone wins! Over. The “GRT” is designed as a means of raising revenue for the government. From the man in the street, there is virtually no support for the proposal from the private sector --that tend to see it as a double tax being a cause for inflation due to increased prices for goods & Commodities. Also suggested is that a sales tax be applied to goods purchased, Removal of import excise tax, and more vigilance in collecting by the Tax Office. This is an issue that definitely needs to be placed on the front burner!


Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor have friends out there in the Great State of Colorado. They are therefore happy to learn that their good friends “Nona & Trev” are all safe and sound! They will remain so “Good Lawdy willin and da Creek don’t rise!” {Figure of speech for those who are weak minded, and cannot take a joke!”} When Hawkeye is happy, as he was when he received the news that His friends were safe, He asked His Sweet Leanor to “dance!” Hawkeye did so because he was happy!


Hawkeye was at our one and only International “Malae Vailele” {Airport} the other day, and someone asked him: “R U a-goin ta Samoa?” Yea ah is replied Hawkeye. “R U a-gonna take the Pwane?” No: said Hawkeye; “ah is a-gwina take da Twain!” {Speaking of the full moon!}


All kidding aside, Hawkeye is quite pleased with the way the administration is making things happen. This is long overdue and it is a genuine pleasure to see things begin to come to “Frutition.” We will look for the Tramway to take shape and again, a subject that needs our vote!


On To Swains Island Folks!


Love from Sweet Leanor and Hawkeye until next week.