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Hawkeye: 2013, A new Beginning

“It’s not true that nice guys finish last. Nice Guys are winners before the game even starts.”

It should be safe to say that we are in a new beginning, seeing as how the world did not end on December 21st 2012. So, taking this into consideration, we should treat January 1st of 2013 as a new beginning. After all, we have been given a new lease on life as we have come to know it; we have a brand new administration coming in to reign for at least four years, which makes life in Hooterville a new beginning.

We will have our roads repaired, our Falemai {Hospital} will have its debts paid, our Power Authority will have its new power plants built, and its accounts receivable paid flush by our Local Government.

More churches may be built on every corner, and Supermarkets will abound. Un-Employment will become a stranger to Paradise. Unemployed Construction workers will be a thing of the past. Our Chariots can be parked for the remainder of the current Millennium as there will be no more threats of the world coming to an end. The good folks of the Westborough Baptist Church can put away their ridiculous activisms pertaining to Military funerals and Gay Weddings. There will no longer be a need for Biker Gangs to protect  Homo-sapiens such as those gathered to mourn the deaths of their children due to a kill crazed lunatic in love lost Connecticut.   There will no longer be a need for the burning of Qurans. Life will be just as near perfect as we wish it to be. All we must do is sit down together at a gigantic Séance and make it happen! Over. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor found it necessary to work on Christmas Eve.

This is a sign of the present times folks, not that of the immediate aforementioned. Humm. Hawkeye is predicting that the New Year will be ushered in with positive changes that are affordable to us all. The new administration could begin by offering amnesty for Immigration overstayers, and another amnesty for Tax Evaders. It seems as though His Majesty the late Tauese Sunia did just that with a high measure of success.

This put his administration off to a flying start with a clean slate. Everyone was happy, and abided by the laws of the land. Wonderland was an epitome of peace & Harmony! Etc. It is too bad that Hawkeye is not ever likely to involve himself in politics. He could think of many changes that need to take place in happy land in the very near future. Hawkeye will however refrain from further comments and or suggestion. We definitely do need making the Location of another Bank to the shores of Wonderland a number one priority! We do not need another Credit Union. We need a second FDIC Bank such as “Wells Fargo,” or “Piggy Bank” of Alabama! We need a branch bank that has a good track record at its parent branch, and has displayed Honesty, cleverness, and a willing to assist its members through tough times. This has to happen “el-Quickieo” {Swahili for Rapidity} in that we the fine upstanding citizens of Hooterville can remain the fine upstanding citizens of Hooterville!

We no longer have to waste our time oiling each other’s chariots or picking each other’s dingle berries for our terminal ride in to the universe. We ain’t about to go anywhere as it now stands until some idiotic “doomsday soothe sayer,” or the late not-so-great Jerry Farwell decides to declare the end of days all over again! This will give us something to do to pass the time of day folks, as we begin another new count-down to “Dooms-Day.” At least we will have something to look forward to in the future, now that it has pretty well been established that we have an immediate future again!

We will leave it with the Prophets, and the High Priests to continue this dialogue in to eternity. Over.

Hawkeye is writing this on the birthday of Jesus Christ, some 2,012 or 2,014 years ago, give or take a few days.

Whichever, there is one thing for sure: He really left a mark in history.

Hawkeye will leave it at that as he is about as learned on the subject of politics as he is learned on the subject of organized religion.

Some suggestions for our New Year’s Resolutions:

Make every honest attempt to lose weight!

In doing so, we can curb Types one and Two diabetes.

Our Falemai, {Sick house} is being over stretched with Dialysis Patients. A large number of Dialysis Patients, Hawkeye is told, are directly related to Diabetes. Hawkeye has diabetes, {not to the point of requiring Dialysis} but he will certainly lead the charge for weight loss in an effort to curb this Disease. If you Smoke, quit. If you Drink, Stop. If you wish to extend your life, Please adhere to these simple solutions. Hawk is not a doctor, but what do we have to lose? {Except Weight!}

With Kindness and Love to all for the New Year:

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.