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Hawaiian troupe only dancers booked for Teuila Fest

The Samoa Tourism Authority has confirmed that Chief Sielu will be bringing a dance troupe to Samoa for the 2013 Teuila Festival.According to the programme advertised on the Authority’s Facebook page – they will be the only dance group to perform throughout the event.When S.T.A.’s Acting CEO, Pativaine Tevita was asked if this was true, she said Chief Sielu is a partner with the Authority.“Chief Sielu who is a partner of Samoa Tourism Authority in promoting Samoa in the U.S.A. is one of the renowned top entertainers in Hawaii.“In all reasonability, it is appropriate for him to attend the Teuila week and contribute wherever he can.”According to the Festival programme it appears Chief Sielu’s group will be the only ones performing.One source who wished to remain unnamed said that not only is this group being brought in to entertain the crowds, they are being paid for by the S.T.A.“There are usually groups that come in from overseas – but they come of their own accord,” the source said.“But this group is being paid for by the S.T.A. What really, really upsets me is that they cancel the Fautasi Race but still have a budget to pay for the Hawaiian dancers.”The source said the Fautasi Race has been a part of the Teuila forever.“How is it that the S.T.A. does not have a budget for the Fautasi Race but they have money to bring in dancers from Hawaii?” was a question asked.