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Greenpeace calls for urgent action to cut Pacific tuna catch

The environmental non government organisation, Greenpeace, says comprehensive measures are needed to reduce fishing capacity and save the Pacific tuna fisheries.In a new report the NGO says there was a record tuna catch and a record number of vessels in the Pacific purse seine fishery last year.It says there are already almost 300 purse seine vessels and around 3000 longline vessels fishing in the Pacific; while another 45 purse seine boats are under construction in Asian shipyards - destined for the Pacific.Greenpeace says there are now too many boats chasing too few fish in the Pacific.It says over-capacity is contributing to overfishing and illegal fishing in the region.The report says the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, or Tuna Commission, which holds its annual meeting in two weeks in Cairns must urgently agree to cap the number of longline and purse seine vessels.