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Governor nominates two more for ASG retirement fund board

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has appointed two more ASG Employees Retirement Fund board of trustees members, who are subject to Fono confirmation.


In an Apr. 3 letter to the Fono leadership, the governor says he has already nominated Su’a Carl Schuster, Talalemotu Mauga, Avamua David Haleck, John Marsh and Brant ‘BJ’ Judy to the board of trustees, to serve terms of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 year respectively.


These nominations have been held up at the Fono pending legislation to expand membership of the board and to modify certain of the qualifications of the board.


Late last week, the Fono made amendments to the governor’s original bill to increase the number of trustees. The amended version approved by the Fono calls for the increase of members from 5 to 7 and their terms are staggered out.  (See Samoa News story on Apr. 4 regarding Fono amendments to the bill.)


Pending the governor’s signature to approve the amended bill, Lolo submitted two more trustees to the board, Afuola Kalasa and Toafala Iafeta, who are been nominated to terms of four and two years respectively.


Lolo says Afuola retired from a long career in government, which included a number of years in the Judiciary serving as an Associate Judge with the High Court, and most recently as deputy secretary of Samoan Affairs.


The governor states that Iafeta is a health care professional, who has spent his career in service to his community and he is presently the head of the radiology unit at the LBJ Medical Center.


“Both nominees are members of the Retirement Fund,” said Lolo who urged the Fono to confirm these two appointees to the board.


Because the First Regular Session of the 33rd Legislature officially ended last Friday, these two nominees as well as the others, who were originally nominated in February, will not go through their confirmation hearing until the Fono returns in July for the Second Regular Session of the 33rd Legislature.