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Governor emphasizes the importance of \Adopt A School\ initiative

With students returning to their classrooms Aug. 12, Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has asked cabinet members to take time out to personally visit schools which their departments and agencies have been designated to help, under the Adopt-A-School initiative launched more than three months ago.


Today, all teachers return to work in preparation for the start of the new school year and the governor wants the cleanup done by this week.


During Wednesday’s cabinet meeting Lolo reminded directors that 'adopt a school' is a new effort, following recommendations and suggestions by directors to “set up a program like this [and] I think it's beginning to work.”


He said that some directors “haven’t seen your schools [but] we ask that you take part— especially you directors.”


Lolo said he visited the Fagaitua High School campus last Friday, which is the school adopted by the Governor’s Office and at least two other ASG entities.


Directors “should take time and go visit your school,” instead of sending someone else, said Lolo, adding that as the leader of the governor’s office, that is the reason he personally visited Fagaitua to conduct an assessment of what needs to be done before students return to school.


Following his site visit Lolo said some of his staffers were sent Monday to start painting and cleaning up the campus. “I know we’re all busy with our own work, but you as a leader take the lead to make sure you are there to see what’s going on.”


“A lot of things can be done,” he said and noted for example that a director can be a role model to students “and we can help pick up some of the loose ends in schools.”


“We have big plans for Fagaitua and other schools that we are involved with, and hopefully, you will do the same,” he said. “I know some of you have not really seen the schools, but we’re asking that you please take time.”


Samoa News received phone calls from various high school administrators reporting on government employees doing work at their schools, which included cleaning up inside classrooms, painting, mopping and picking up trash.


At the start of the cabinet meeting, Lolo expressed his sincere thanks to directors.


“It’s always a pleasure to stand before this crowd, knowing that I stand before a group of experts… the movers, whose responsibility it is to move this government to where we are today,” he told directors.


“…it's always a good feeling that things are moving and we are accomplishing a lot of things, through your collaboration… with all of our people working together,” Lolo said.


He also thanked the cabinet for their support of the Manu’a Cession Day on July 16, as well as working together with the governor’s office to move forward with the development of the Manu’a islands.