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Governor designates DPS Commissioner as his rep for all Highway Safety programs

Commissioner of Public Safety William E Haleck has been designated the Governor’s Representative for Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Programs and Highway Safety Programs. This follows an executive order issued by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga earlier this month.  


The Executive order says, in order to secure the full benefits of the Federal Highway Safety Program, and to improve the highway safety of American Samoa, the governor has directed and authorized Haleck to take necessary action to secure the benefits and to improve the highway safety of the territory.


The Highway Safety programs along with the motor carrier safety assistance programs that are established under the Department of Public Safety will be headed by a coordinator to carry out the programs, and that person is to report to Haleck.


“All departments and agencies within the Government of American Samoa are to cooperate with Haleck and the Office of Highway Safety in the performance of highway safety functions, to the full extent permitted by law" said the governor.


The Executive Order states that this shall take effect upon his signature and supersedes any prior delegation of authority for carrying out the Highway Safety and Motor Carrier Safety programs in the American Samoa Government.


In an interview with Samoa News, Haleck said he’s honored that the governor has appointed him to oversee these important federally funded programs which benefit the government and the people of American Samoa.  


He said given that these programs are under DPS, it's only appropriate that he oversee them, and thanked the governor for his faith and trust in him.


Haleck noted that Fred Scanlan is the coordinator and Police Lt Tolia Tony Solaita is the Program Manager for the Highway Safety program. He further stated that the people working in this office have key knowledge of traffic enforcement which is very helpful in attaining federal grants to assist the current and ongoing traffic programs in the territory.


Haleck said traffic officers know what is needed on the main highway and they work closely with the grantors to assure that necessary funding is made available for these programs.