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Governor asks leaders to develop “a culture of service”

“Let us start this New Year with a keen sense of hope, with our trust placed in God that he will gift to us the wisdom and the skills to do our work honestly, diligently and efficiently to ensure that our people’s lives will continue to be improved,” said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga in a letter sent to Directors and Department heads yesterday regarding major activities planned for 2014.


In his second letter to cabinet members, Lolo noted the fundamental vision of his administration is to place “People First” denoting the basic fact that the administration exists to serve the people in the best possible manner within the confines of available resources,and  in compliance with all the laws of the territory.




The governor said their first year as public servants is gone and their performances will be judged by the people to whom they swore an oath to serve and he hopes that the people will be kind when they individually evaluate the administration’s performance.


“Our challenge is to improve on what we didn't do well last year and to continue what we deemed to have been successful with regard to improving our people’s quality of life.”


Lolo said “often times success is found in small things” which do not cost the government money, “but more from our personal attitudes associated with the manner with which we deliver the service to those of our people seeking assistance and help.”


He stated the people are easily pleased if everyone commits to the development of a service delivery system that is founded on respect and being mindful and sensitive to the dignity of the person requesting the service. “I am afraid that we have not made any positive headway on this issue and I would urge all of you to please devote time to change the service culture in your agency this year.”


The governor stated that one easily quantifiable measure to assess their service culture is making sure office phones “are answered promptly, preferably before the third ring and making sure that the call is referred to the right person in your agency who can provide the requested assistance.”


He further noted this may not be considered a very important commitment — but to the person making the call it “means everything because he/she has been made to feel important.” He stated that their mission is simple and that is to “serve the people of American Samoa to the best of our God given abilities.” 




The governor stated his administration has had one year under their belt and this should have given them the opportunity to canvas issues impacting their services to the people. He stated the vision is very simple and straight forward — to “improve our people’s quality of life”.


Lolo said that activities that do not advance the said vision should be eliminated.


“The efficient use of our time is the challenge that we should continuously address because it affects the quality of service delivered and the productive use of our limited financial resources.” Lolo said the people must be made aware of the activities being planned by the agencies for their benefit.


He then asked that each Department submit to his office by January 17 the list of major activities being planned for 2014, with the associated timelines on which the said activities will be implemented, and stated for their commitment to save trees — the report should be sent electronically.