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Gov. Togiola pays tribute to former First Lady Mrs. Susana Lutali

UTULEI, American Samoa – Governor Togiola Tulafono and First Lady Mary Ann Tulafono attended the funeral Mass for Mrs. Susana Le’iato Lutali, wife of Governor A.P. Lutali, at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Ili’ili.

In paying tribute to the former First Lady, Governor Togiola at the funeral service praised Mrs. Susana Lutali as a remarkable woman who loved her family, her church and the place she called home.

Governor Togiola’s Remarks

“On behalf of the government, we give thanks to God for American Samoa’s former first lady and her beautiful life. Susana lived life to its fullest with grace, dignity and integrity. We all looked up to her because even after her and Governor Lutali left office, she continued to be that stately woman with a passion in seeking the best for her people. And she loved her people very much.

We say thank you to Susana – who served her God, her husband, her church, her family and her people with love and compassion. Mrs. Lutali led from the front and by example with sheer determination.

She was a tough woman – a toughness that is required of a woman who cared for her people and for her government, and especially for her big family and also her spiritual family here at St. Paul’s Parish.

When you meet Susana, people always take away the same impression – her beauty and her humility, her love and grace. And it is no wonder that she was a Samoan role model – a role model for her children, grandchildren and her family and especially her people and her island home.

In tribute of Mrs. Susana Le’iato Lutali, an American Samoan First Lady, we honor her life in lowering the flags of the Territory at half-mast to pay our respect, our gratitude and our admiration for her service to the people and government of American Samoa.

Thank you, Mrs. Lutali.

We bid farewell and we say goodbye. Her memory will live on forever.”

Source: ASG media release