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Gov appoints more agency heads, board members

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has issued new memorandums for appointments to two ASG agencies and one board. They are as follows. PROCUREMENT OFFICEThe governor has appointed local businessman Tiaotalaga John Kruse as acting chief procurement officer, to head the Procurement Office. Tiaotalaga shall be responsible to carry out the functions, duties and responsibilities of this appointment as prescribed by law. “He will also faithfully implement those performance deliverables set by the governor,” the memo said, and noted that Tiaotalaga shall enforce all laws and regulations relevant to this appointment.According to the memo, this appointment is indefinite unless amended or superseded. Immediately after taking over the helm of government, Lolo had appointed Sapiai Ena as acting director for Procurement Office. Ena has been deputy chief procurement officer in the last two years, under the Togiola Administration. A permanent appointment for chief procurement officer is subject to Fono confirmation.ASEPALolo appointed Ameko Pato, who has been with the Department of Education for many years, as acting director for the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA), and has been given the authority to carry out all functions and duties pertaining to the boss of this office. According to the memo, this appointment is indefinite unless amended or superseded.When the new administration took office early this month, Lolo had appointed Fa’amao Asalele as acting director for ASEPA. A permanent appointment to head this office is not subject to Fono confirmation. ASEPA was established by executive order, and is not a department of the local government. Last year, the Togiola administration submitted legislation to create a local Environmental department, but it was never reviewed by the Fono, which caused it to lapse at the end of the session. The agency as it stands, is fully funded by the feds and is in partnership with the US-EPA in establishing local environmental policies. CRIMINAL JUSTICE PLANNINGLocal laws states that the 14-member American Samoa Criminal Justice Planning Board, which is under the jurisdiction of the governor, shall be established within the executive branch. Additionally, the governor appoints the board members, who are selected from among residents of the Territory who are representative of the criminal justice system, including but not limited to: police agencies; the judiciary, prosecutorial and defense counsel; adult correctional and rehabilitative agencies, and juvenile justice agencies; elected officials; local government; public or private agencies related to the criminal justice system; and private citizens.Members serve without compensation or other emoluments and shall serve for a 2-year term and may be reappointed. Among the major role of the board is to work with the Criminal Justice Planning Agency, whose director serves at the pleasure of the governor. Among its duties and responsibilities, the board prepares the Territorial Comprehensive Criminal Justice Plan on behalf of the governor; establish goals, priorities, and standards for the reduction of crime and improvement of the administration of justice in the Territory; and recommend legislation to the Governor and Legislature in the criminal justice field.The following are the new board members: • Secretary of Samoan Affairs, Satele Galu T. Satele Sr. • House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale• Attorney general-appointee Afoa L.S. Lutu• Police Commissioner-appointee William Haleck• Homeland Security Department director-appointee Iuniasolua Savusa• Acting Public Defender Leslie Cardin• Human and Social Services director-appointee Taeaoafua Dr. Meki Solomona• ASG Budget Office acting director Catherine Saelua• Criminal Justice Planning Agency acting director Keith Gebauer• Youth and Women’s Affairs Department acting director Pa’u Roy Ausage• High Court administrator Enele Seumanutafa• Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop• Chief Probation Officer Silivelio Iosefo• Territorial Correctional Facility assistant warden Fasi Ta’ase