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Free concert on Friday highlights rugby stars

The Tualauta Coalition II is holding a free concert with the theme “Y Not You” on Friday evening, April 13, on the malae in front of the KFC Restaurant in Tafuna.

Petesa Tai CCCAS Reverend Eliasalo Fa’ata’a, the Coordinator for the Tualauta II Coalition, said this concert — which is free for the public — will feature the Manu Samoa international 7s players.

He added that the goal of the Tualauta Coalition II is to raise awareness with the youth about the effects of illegal drug use. The Reverend explained that he strongly believes that rugby can promote interest and opportunities for the youth to develop long lasting life skills, and only drug free people can achieve and be successful in life. He added that Manu Samoa started from humble beginnings and are now playing on the world stage. “If they can do it —“Y Not You”, he said.

“The Tualauta II Coalition conducted a survey asking the youth of Tualauta which media outlet they normally watch/read/listen to — and survey results revealed that 87% of the youth noted that they watch channel six, which broadcasts the rugby games.

“We felt that because the Manu Samoa 7s will be in the territory and given that 87% of the youth are into rugby, this would allow the youth to hear from the rugby players how alcohol and drugs are not good for them,” he said.

Reverend Fa’ata’a told Samoa News that Tualauta II Coalition are keen on their purpose to be critical components in the fight to save the youth from illegal drug use.

The Reverend is appealing to the parents of American Samoa to be a part of the cause and bring their children to the concert. “This is where they can meet and greet the rugby players and hear firsthand about the effects of illegal drugs”.   

Also to be featured in the free concert are the Leone High School Taumafai Choir, Samoana High School Choir, Tafuna High School Choir, Fagatitua High School Choir, Fa’asao/Marist High School Choir, Kanana Fou High School Choir, and Petesa Uta, CCCAS, Ierusalaema Fou CCCAS and Talalelei CCCAS in Petesa Tai choirs will also be performing.

Reverend Fa’ata’a said the Tualauta II Coalition will use this opportunity to remind the youth that illegal drugs are bad for everyone — because once the body receives them, they can leave you with very serious problems. “Illegal drugs enter the body through a variety of routes, make their way to the bloodstream, and go straight to the brain, where they exert their effects and ...gradually change the brain”, he said.

The free concert’s major sponsor is the Tualauta II Coalition made possible through TMO Marist Pago 7s in association with BlueSky, KFC Samoa, ASG Office of Samoa Affairs, and other assocciated sponsors and partners.