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The Passing Flag Football League (PFFL) conducted by former NFL hard hitting player Niko Noga of American Samoa, will be heading into its third consecutive season this summer.


“This year’s league will have a seven-game season, with a ten-man roster for each team, and two divisions,” said Noga. “There will be a division for boys fourteen and under and a division for girls sixteen and under, but if the girls wish to play in the boys division, that will be ok,” he said.


He stated the league will start sometime next month in June, but he needs to have anyone wishing to have a team to come to the Pavilion at the Malae in Fagatogo this coming Saturday at 1:00 p.m. to discuss important matters.


“I really want to get the community and the parents involved with the league and try and help these kids out as much as possible. These kids need some kind of positive outlet during the summer time when school is out, so they will not get involved with things such as alcohol, drugs and fighting,” he said.


After the last PFFL season, Noga showcased the speed of the fastest players in the league by having a sprinting contest. The kids competed in an 80 yard sprint, with the intent of showing everyone that American Samoa possesses speed as well as power.


“I am here to stay and I wish to keep this league going each summer keeping the kids on their toes, by having fun and getting fit,” he said.


Last year, the PFFL saw six teams in three different divisions with high flying action that witnessed the speed, passing and great footwork of the players. It had only a handful of girl players at that time, who played alongside the boys, which is why Noga will be having a separate girls division.


Noga spent eight years in the NFL playing for St. Louis/Phoenix Cardinals and the Detroit Lions.